Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wikipedia & Wikileaks : The Best "Truth" That Money Can Buy

Wikipedia gets edited all day long by permanent confessed pro-zionist boosters and their fellow travellers in Congress. While you work at your real job, they get paid all day long to twist reality around to their liking.

Nobody edits them. They edit you. It's a democracy where your vote doesn't count. That kind of democracy. Wikipedia has the last say on the final edit of any entry and that entry, rest assured, serves a political interest in the existing elite's register.

Still waiting for Wikileaks to blow open the whole evil conspiracy? Heard anything significant out of them in the past five years since they became official opposition? No? Think about it. Like with Edward Snowden … where's the beef? What is all this public street theatre about? Snowden says that George Bush likes to make funny voices over the phone. He's knocking some heads in the establishment, man, you better believe it. Him and Assange are taking on the power. Sure they are.

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