Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Society Can't Respond To The Real World Anymore

Following up on the previous post.

If we all lived in a simple village with Neanderthals, we could count on their canny instincts to warn many years in advance of a change in average temperatures. You'd have no trouble getting a consensus around a campfire we would store up more food in the summer and prepare better dwellings to weather what would be worse winters than we were previously accustomed to. When the really bad climate hit, chances are we would be overprepared to a ridiculous degree and would probably be ready to move permanently into a much better insulated cavern with piles of wood a couple stories high to heat it for many years in advance.

There'd be no detractors. We would not have to spend hours around the campfire trying to talk Ur-Gore out of his delusions that the weather would be getting warmer. Chances are if Ur-Gore persisted in his shrieking about the uncontrollable warming approaching, the women would have a quick pow-wow one night before bed. They'd point to Ur-Gore and draw their fingers across their throats. This is the group wisdom of women. They'd peg Ur-Gore as a defective male endangering the entire tribe with his insanity. The next morning, Ur-Gore would yawn and stretch before opening his eyes and realizing he was surrounded by elders. They'd give Ur-Gore a couple strips of beef-jerky and a walking stick and send him away, warning him to never return. It would be the last time anyone would ever see Ur-Gore alive. Problem solved. It also means that a male with psychopathic tendencies would not have better breeding success than those without psychopathy.

In the Saps tribe, just because people are insane doesn't mean they aren't still in charge. You have to do what they say. They cannot be overruled by reasonable arguments when Homo Sapiens is incapable of reasoning. Rational thinking is completely useless inside of tribes like these and that is why a tribe with leadership like this is completely useless inside a new Ice Age. It is a dysgenic death anchor that kills everybody inside it stupid enough to cooporate.


Some dude said...

Loved everything except the part about the women having the quick pow-wow.

If anything, it would be the male elders.

And if the women did it, they'd put Ur Gore in charge.

Other than that, brilliant writing.

Texas Arcane said...

@Some Dude

Called an exogamous matriarchy. Men avoid conflicts internally by generally deferring to females for most decisions concerning breeding.

This way as they are ushering Ur-Gore out they can pretend to be just be executing the girl's communal decisions. "No hard feelings bro, but unfortunately the girls passed sentence on you. Now GTFO. There is no such thing as an appeal in these kinds of matters."

In much longer runs of time this contributes to breeding fitness to a remarkable degree. Men don't fight each other inside the tribe to compete for females, they try to be the best men they possibly can be to secure female sponsorship. Sounds odd until you think about the huge differences between Neanderthals and Cro-Mags in quality.

Also keep in mind we are talking about females who probably had an average IQ of at least 120 or more. Not shallow, infantile or easily guiled at all. Very good powers of discretion in most things, moreso than most of the women you have known in life.

Lccorp2 said...

Sorry Tex, but I gotta agree with Some Dude here. Looking at the majority of saps women throughout history, from Sparta to Rome and the modern day - giving them control over breeding issues always results in infanticide, massively reduced fertility, and fucking Jeremy Meeks the thug and psychopath, while young men watch anti-civilisational behaviours being rewarded and act accordingly to get nookie.

Hopefully what you're saying is true, and maybe 'thal women were different from modern saps women, and any group of 'thal women who behaved as such would quickly perish in the cold under Ur-Gore. But from what I see, I don't know if we can go back to that, even with the end of the Holocene.

Texas Arcane said...


I wouldn't put Saps females in charge of a mop.

The Neanderthal female doesn't just have a bigger brain, she would be quite muscular as well as bosomy, with big hips and nearly all the traits we associate with femininity in abundance. Imagine Raquel Welch with a 130 IQ.

Consider the Saps female to be a bizarre hybrid product equivalent to throwing a hand of catsh*t at a brick wall and hoping some genes stick. Ask yourself, with the Saps female constantly working in opposition to her own males, how on earth would the Saps male ever get anywhere? Impossible.

There wasn't just stronger sexual dichotomy amongst 'Thals but the division of tasks between the sexes must made them a very strong team against the world. How can you play a game where you fight against your own team members? Saps females. Don't. Make. Any. Sense.

Texas Arcane said...


I gathered you guys thought I was indirectly advocating a return to matriarchy.

I wasn't. Would never work with Saps females. We kind of have a de facto one now since suffrage and it is a total disaster. Wrong animal for that sort of thing.

Neanderthal female was result of one million years of evolutionary perfection. Saps female looks like she was not Q&A tested for 15 minutes. Mules with wigs on. Putting mules in charge of selection would be a big mistake.