Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whatever Doctors Tell You, Do The Opposite

They are a bunch of a**holes out to kill you. No, really.

When in doubt, remember doctors are the last people in the world who are going to give you good advice on any subject. They're idiots. Nowadays medical school weeds out anyone with an IQ above room temperature.


Henry said...

Hey Tex, it's off-topic but I thought you might be interested.

CollegeHumor just did a serious/funny video claiming most breeds of dogs are inbred and this mostly happened in the last century. here. It really seems to directly translate into

Tals = domesticate a great animal
Saps = do their best to ruin it

Texas Arcane said...


Makes it obvious dogs were inherited from previous generations who in turn stole them from 'Thals. Like all such inheritances, squandered from very able-bodied, intelligent and useful members of the family into mere contrived arrangements that focus on appearances. A 'Thal family dog was probably somewhere between hyena and mountain lion in build and could likely tear the ass out of any living breed in nothing flat - in addition to being a family companion so tame they let babies sit on them and pull their ears.

Chris James said...

Even if the doctors weren't dumb, there is more money in keeping people sick and "treating"them than in curing them permanently