Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right ... Island Of Baby Rapists

I've been ranting about this stuff since the very earliest days on Vault-Co but the evidence was not in the open until Jimmy Savile died.

As I described before, I've read about British people running these fantastic regularly scheduled sex conventions with kids from orphanages and seen it confirmed by eyewitnesses. Then I have asked this simple village idiot question - "How do you bus kids from an orphanage to a hotel once a month?" You got people who see the bus being loaded. The people who run the orphanage. You'd need somebody to assist in the transportation and organization. The logistics start to look huge. There'd be people who work at the hotel. They're watching all these orphans getting off the bus and being taken to some suite. The number of witnesses would be colossal.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this whole sick island of preverts would need protection from the very top tier of society in order to keep it all clandestine. There would be police and secret services involved, the media. So many people would have to be part of this huge conspiracy it would be ridiculous.

So the end result is ... people like me are told they must be crazy to think such things could take place with so many people involved in the coverup. Only a paranoid would even believe a thing like this would be possible without the whole sick island getting exposed.

Turns out, it was ridiculous. It was bigger than anybody, even people like me, could have imagined.

Even now, a lot of the British people's reactions seem surreal. "We were less interested in hearing about these things back then, so they were covered up." Pardon, are we talking about sodomizing patients in spinal wards after hours? What am I missing here? This is not exactly about cultural atmospheres and that kind of blather. We are talking about children getting raped in hospitals on secure floors after dark by popular entertainers. That's not "disturbing." It is good cause to level the entire island and start over again. Something is really wrong in Britain. What has emerged since Savile died is a civilization deal-breaker. The British people should not feel obligated to obey any laws whatsoever and I would say random acts of arson would be a reasonable response to these revelations. Until they have burned it all down and can start over from scratch.

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Grognard said...

UK has really been acculturated to slavery. Everyone who fought it was deported, enslaved (like some of my irish ancestors) or made for parts unknown centuries ago.

Taking in muslim immigrants in huge numbers is no surprise and when they turn caliphate the powers that be will be ecstatic, though in reality it will only formalize their absolute control of the populance.