Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Problem Is The Humans Themselves

Restaurant discovers that stupidity and general feeblemindedness has increased exponentially in the past ten years by comparing surveillance tapes.

When you look at the sort of people in leadership positions in the modern world ... ask yourself ... do you really believe your ancestors would have voted for people with no qualifications, no military service, no record of any achievements or success in any kind of management role? Yet they feel supremely confident in tackling all these problems when they are in office. What sort of jackass votes for somebody like this? Is the problem to be found with these idiots in power or the general population who are dumb enough to think there is nothing odd about giving someone like that power over their lives?

Can manboons learn? If it takes 80 years for feedback to trigger some reflection, does it even matter?

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scipio afircanus said...

Tex, this is off topic, but have you heard of the lion whisperer? I saw this guys web site, he plays soccer with African lions he raised by hand (abandoned by their mother) and released back into the wild. He kind of looks like the vault salesman you linked to on this website previously.