Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Horrible Laugh Of The Damned

It's been worse for the 'Stain. Never.

Never. The Kwa has never, ever been in straits like the ones that beckon.


Chris from Sydney said...

Study finds physical pain preferred over having to think.

I never have a problem with being in a quiet place where I can think. Must be a legacy of sitting out blizzards during the Ice Age.
It seems to be more evidence that Cro-Mags were made to be slaves, without menial tasks they just go to pieces.

Texas Arcane said...


Yet more evidence of the colossal psychological differences between a creature who has engaged in solitary hunting for countless thousands of years compared with an animal who shows no evidence of ever hunting except in a large mob!

For this reason, people with "Asperger's Syndrome" often described as abnormal for preferring to sit away from the noise of the group, solitary pursuits, deep personal reflection ... all described by Saps as "pathological." The Nazi eugenicists who paid for Asperger's work all called it very "un-Aryan" and somehow "jewish" to spend too much time in silent contemplation!! Aryans are laughing lions who strike without hesitation on instinct, not a bunch of nerds who sit quietly thinking deeply with internal dialogues!!!!!!!

Great link on what unbelievable biological rejects Homo Sapiens is. As if such a creature could ever survive long inside a cave in temperatures 300 degrees below zero!!! Sitting quietly talking or laughing, painting, engaged in individual pursuits, finding life fascinating and dreams and ideas intriguing even in the most claustrophobic conditions. These are not losing traits. They are winning traits. Being able to entertain yourself in hibernation would not be optional.

Saps would not survive 15 minutes during the Ice Age without resorting to murder, rape and cannibalism. I would not leave him alone in a cave for 30 seconds without expecting him to fall apart.

Think about all the people you have known in your life and then ask yourself if they really go back a million years as 'Thals do or they are some kind of freakish anomaly monster race that appeared just at the start of the Holocene. They would be like porcupines in a balloon factory during the Ice Age.

styrac1 said...

I find it funny and ironic. The very same Japanese imperialist, militaristic and nationalist spirit that the US suppressed after WW II in order for Japan to become a rehabilated western nation is now being ramped up and summoned once again this time to serve US hegemonic interests to intimidate and contain China.