Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Holocene Is Over

If there was a better way to make all of mankind look utterly clueless I am not aware of it.

The only people who saw this coming were Robert Felix, Whitley Streiber, a handful of cranks and fringe nuts including me ... and most of the real scientists around the globe. Knowing now how easy it is to fool almost all seven billion people on the planet I have trouble believing that anyone could trust government funded "scientists" ever again for any reason.

Reality nowadays is only of interest to a tiny eclectic spectrum of enthusiasts. The rest just don't have any natural curiosity about the real world. That is why it is always taking them by surprise when it intrudes upon their fantastic group delusions.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

I'm waiting for them to start telling you not to confuse weather with climate.

Bob Wallace said...

I don't mind the cold and in fact prefer it. And like you I have a high body temperature. I've walked around in the cold in shorts and have shocked people.

PrairieSage07 said...

Any updates on a shelter manual and prep guide?

Time is short.

The best idea I have for a fast shelter at the moment is to pour a thick concrete slab on the ground and start digging underneath it.
Chad Father of nine.

Texas Arcane said...


As soon as I have my game out I am going to start on my grand Vault-Co syllabus guide in tandem with Vault-OS open source release.

I am hoping to have my game ready in one month to release.

It is my highest priority after getting my game finished. I have been working on it since forever and cannot give up as I am on the verge of completing it.

Was looking at DARE TO PREPARE last night and thinking I could write such a better hardcore book than that. It is aimed at elderly people putting up root cellars. My book will be written to appeal to the ultra hardcore survivalists preparing to survive a Grand Minimum, Cobalt Death Shroud, Magnetic Reversal or all three at the same time.

Texas Arcane said...


My book is going to support instructions for 5 types of shelters, all of which I have personally constructed in the past:

1. Classic Concrete block
2. ICF Form Barrel Vault
3. Corrugated Steel Barrel Shelter
4. Precast Overpass Shelter
5. Hand Dug Kearny Style Extended Trench Shelter (ultracheap)

PrairieSage07 said...

Due to trading some coins for a prepper's (deceased) complete library and freezedried food stash, I have a couple years of immediate food supplies, water, etc... That is all most survival books cover... a few months to a couple years...

I definitely see the need for a multigenerational survival manual.

I look forward to getting your manual.

scipio afircanus said...

If this cooling trend continues, we will have crop failures in the U.S. and Canada.

Publius said...

It's been an interesting summer in the upper midwest of the USA. Cooler than usual, and much wetter. I really am grateful for the cooler part.
Of course, those who support the global warming narrative would say that the surface temps in one region are not relevant here. It is the global average as determined by satellite readings, and they still claim that those are going up up up.

I've thought for some time that there must be negative feedback loops to handle carbon dioxide, because in the past, vulcanism has certainly released massive amounts of CO2, without leading to runaway greenhouse effect.
CO2 is a "greenhouse gas," but the earth likely has many tricks up her sleeves to handle it.
Then there is the fact that climate can change due to solar cycles, and other unknown events.
What is certain is that change will happen.
What is your take on the drying out of the SW USA? I believe it is reverting to mean: that is, an arid region that can support only a tiny population of resilient, tribal, cooperative humans. E.g., LA and Phoenix will soon be depopulated and destroyed.

PrairieSage07 said...

What do you think the strength would be if you used shed roof trusses placed with a treated 2x6 near the tips.... set on the ground. Given a solid wooden roof deck of 2x4s, then covered with plywood, tarpaper and plastic sheeting, then buried...

Built fast. No extremely expensive.

You could tunnel under the trusses for additional space if time was available. Pound a well inside with a PVC hand pump.