Monday, July 28, 2014

Snuffed In Cold Blood For Selling Cigarettes

This is worse, much worse than than the brutality that triggered the L.A. Riots. Much worse.

Cops are going nuts in the Kwa. Killing people every day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year for the most minor offences (most of them not really justifying anything more than a ticket or citation) with what appears to be no accountability. If we did it, we'd be prosecuted for murder which is what it is.

Put the video controller on the floor and your hands in the air

BLAM. Blown away with CALL OF DUTY paused on single player campaign. Serves him right for wielding an unlicensed joystick.

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Publius said...

The fact that the people are not, with rare exceptions, protesting the increasingly militant police state is really the biggest sign that most Americans have been pacified in mind and soul. They will go passively to whatever FEMA camp or execution pit they are directed to.
Political discussions here are almost useless. Most people just repeat mindlessly the mindless propaganda they hear. There is an awake minority, but it's almost like you either have some kind of immune response to the propaganda, or you don't, and almost nobody is able to shift from one state of consciousness to the other.