Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Psychiatrists Admit Psychiatry Is Bunkum

It beats working at a day job.

You have disassociative hapslingam's disorder of the inguineal hyperplasty. I'll write you a prescription for monosodium glycophosphate trioxide chloride. That will be $200, thanks. Any side effects contact my receptionist, I will be at the links country club for the rest of today. I need a break because I am a scienmajist with incredible scienmajistical powers.

If you do have side effects, I can give you other medication to treat the side effects so come back next week and I will follow up with ethanbutol magnesetate difloxium. That should fix it.

I think there is only one kind of mental illness we can positively diagnose and treat and it is psychiatry.

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