Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Evil Empire Down. One To Go.

The 'Stain has outlived it's use-by date.

Previous nations have dreamed of this kind of tyranny. They lacked the military strength and reach to pull it off. They were constrained by limits on their power.

History has turned against the porn capital of earth. This Whore of Babylon will burn and all the kings of the earth will weep when it falls. This slut thinks she is above all laws but she will find in the end the laws of history have already declared her a doomed nation. When she goes, her satellites better be prepared to fight to survive because it is going to be a real pile-on by all her enemies.


theepilgrim said...

OT: Maybe I'm spending too much time on Vault-Co. My first thought when seeing the pictures in this article: That woman is Cro-Magnon stock, through and through. The jaw and cheekbones are a dead giveaway.

Texas Arcane said...


Amazing you nailed it. I thought the exact same thing when I saw her picture a few days ago.

A cold mask-like visage designed to conceal emotion and assist in hiding internal state.

A woman who comes from a species that goes about in tribes of a thousand or more where there is a premium on concealing and confusing others with theatrics. Obviously a woman who comes from a tribe of 50-100 people has no such need of a wax mask for a face, rather a premium is placed on easy conveyance of emotional state upon seeing her, to detect distress or peace and react accordingly.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Hey Tex

Have you looked into Arduino/Raspberry Pi as a possibility for some vault systems?

They can be connected over radio to create complex systems, with one Raspberry controlling Arduino nodes:

Both are also cheap as chips and highly moddable.

L said...

Who do you suppose these are?

Ignore the last photo. It's stock.


scipio afircanus said...


Do you believe Paabo's assertion that there is about 2-55 neanderthal DNA in people of european descent? Or is the number higher in certain sub populations?

The way you describe yourself as undergoing an epigenetic change to turn on your neanderthal genes, suggests there may be other ways an individual might turn on their neanderthal genes?

For example, I have switched to a paleo diet, (high fat, dairy, meat, vegetables) and feel that my thinking is more clear and creative.

I also tend to sleep in 2 shifts during the winter.

Do you have any more suggestions on maximizing the expression of my neanderthal genome?

Texas Arcane said...


I think that some family strains, like my own, carry huge strains of Neanderthal genes which can often lie dormant. Most men in my family are often a little odd. Once in a while, probably due to an epigenetic trigger, it becomes clear what kind of genes they were passive carriers of. Genes that are very, very different from Homo Sapiens.

This 5% number they keep tossing around is just something they pulled out of their ass. It is a figure that means nothing until you realize that these same men told us that we are 98% similar to chimpanzees genetically which means that all the genes which make us human come from the huge contribution of Neanderthals.

Also, without female mitochondria (raped out early on) it is easy to see why these genes often express mainly in the males and that is also why males are born with more genius.

I think the more paleo you live the less you will act like a poisoned toxic monkey and more like a real human being (Neanderthal). I also think eating paleo long enough will begin to change your biochemical profile to more closely resemble that of Neanderthals.

Some strains of Europeans (ruling classes) barely have any Neanderthal genes which is why they are good at ruling but not so great at thinking. Civilizations need the Neanderthal to do problem solving and the reason civilizations start to crumble is that overconfidence in all things leads them to ostracize the 'Thals, something they cannot afford to do.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...


I think this 5% originally corresponded to unique Neanderthal DNA, which is a huge percentage when you consider that 80-90% of your DNA is the same as in a carrot. It's as if most living organisms were built upon a common framework, and utilise the same "libraries" that constitute the majority of their DNA. As in programming, organisms that differ by 5% of their "code" can be dramatically diverse.

Texas Arcane said...


I think most computer programmers understand better than others what "5%" means.

Whether it is a webcrawler or a video editor, most computer programs are 95% boilerplate code. It is the 5% that distinguishes one from another.