Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NASA Gives Out A Last Gasp

NASA won't be launching anything but military missions from now until Kwanstainia falls.

Most of NASA is equal opportunity hires caught on tape masturbating watching porn when they were supposed to be monitoring the Mars Rover. These guys ain't going nowhere.

Werner Von Braun has gone to Neanderthal Valhalla and all the other geniuses that drove the American Space Program lined up to retire around the time that they shot John F. Kennedy. There's nobody left. There's a guy named Pepe who listens to Green Day on his IPod and works the floor buffer at night. Unless that guy manages to sneak a couple hours working on a faster-than-light drive there won't be much happening there ever again.

Just to put it into perspective.

Mad dog Von Braun was practicing powering spacecraft with real nuclear detonations in the upper atmosphere with plans to have a crew on their way to Alpha Centauri by the year 1990. Hey, these guys were serious people. If the crew got in trouble, they were supposed to unfurl a solar sail to steer with. Try to imagine people that hardcore. You just know they could have done it, too. Von Braun hoped that by his retirement there would be colonies on the Moon, Mars and a ship headed to the nearest star. No, not CGI in a low budget movie on cable. I mean for real.

All gone now. As impossible as the architecture of Roman ruins seemed to the inhabitants of the Dark Ages.


Bob Wallace said...

Project Orion.

Lazer said...

Its funny because the video game mass effect predicted this just a few short years ago. The universe is totally saturated with life. What makes us so unique? We are just walking taking great apes.

Just imagine for a second what happens on a planet that has no KT extinction boundary. They would be thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of us technologically. Hell, the aliens would be walking talking dinosaurs.

Aliens are most likely laughing at us now.

You ever had any encounters that were out of this world Texas Arcane?

Grognard said...

Mass Effect? lol. That has been predicted for centuries.

styrac1 said...

Rock paintings in a cave in the region of Chhattisgarh, India, dated 10000y ago depict Melonheads.

Unknown said...

Except the Dark Ages did not actually happen - about 400 or 500 years of made up history were added by "scholars" in the early Middle Ages.

Almost anything between the fall of the Roman Empire and the year 900 is made up BS.

There are repeating patterns in the who the rulers were and what they did. These patterns sometimes repeat several times. This has been actually known for a while.

They are also unable to verify that BS - because guess what, it didn't happen. Hence the "dark" ages.