Sunday, July 6, 2014

Here You Go

This is what all that was about.

Reviewing the evidence, a person would have to be mentally retarded to think what happened at Sandy Hook was real. It wasn't. It wasn't just a false flag, it was staged so badly you have to wonder if the government is really qualified for evil super villainy altogether. Maybe they are just pathetic, sad a**holes who are unable to get real day jobs. The botched. The bungled. Disarming their betters is just a genetic strategy used by weak and sickly fish.

That was staged to set up this for the Obaminator's second term.

Gradualism. That's the way Bolshevists roll.

Weak, sickly fish use stealth, cunning and treachery to get access to females for breeding they otherwise would not have the strength to compete for. They lure in predators from outside the reef and rape the females while the stronger male fish cope with them. They stir up dust to cloud the breeding ground so females can't see them coming and avoid them. They pretend to be female fish so they can sneak up on the female in oestrus. They try to keep their competitors busy with chaos, anarchy and confusion while they sneak in for the spoils. They have no choice but to live this way or not at all. They are weak and sickly fish not intended to breed. Every time one of them succeeds as an individual in thwarting proper selection, the entire breed of fish goes down in quality. The next generation is also weak and sickly fish, maybe even weaker and sicklier.


KW Jackson said...

It's on all fronts.

Nimadan said...

Tex, did you see this? The explanation they're giving is ridiculous...

It reminded me of something you posted about two years ago: