Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Great Falling Away

The culture war is almost over, Krisschans lost.

Decades of evangelicals and prosperity gospel set the sheep on their way up the slaughterhouse ramp.

Years of domination by the nuts at the 700 CLUB and other popular mass produced religious entertainment have blurred the general culture to the point where they have come to believe in the central tenets of new age self-help lunatics and gradually forgotten scripture altogether. This includes things like Creationism, which owes it's existence in part to Neo-Darwinism as a refractory false opposition to it. It was a dead end and once Neo-Darwinism was revealed to be junk science, Creationism had nowhere to go because it was the refutation of something that wasn't to be taken seriously to begin with. If Christians had put less faith in their apostate teachers and more in the KJV they hold in their hand this would not have happened.

Watch Jim Bakker selling food buckets on cable despite being convicted of fraud previously and you have some idea of just how completely checked out mentally the Kwanzanians are. They are respecters of persons and if they were forced to choose would pick their church as their authority despite the fact these churches have proven to be entirely unsound and rotten to the core. With leadership like Ted Haggard, if a person doesn't start to wonder then you can count on them drifting into all sorts of doctrines of devils.

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deadman said...

Looks like Yellowstone is there to ensure N.A. is wiped clean :

- deadman