Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting Rid Of Those "Useless Eaters"

Henry Kissinger would be proud.

Luckily, only the government will know how it functions.

So we should all be safe with it in the government's hands.

It will be easy to find a patsy to blame it on. There is now a Patient Zero everywhere.

Chagas is a real-life zombie epidemic just waiting to happen.

Tissues in the face and throat swell, cutting off vision and speech, the skin turns limpid gray and the organs literally rot from the inside. Don't worry, Kwanstainian, as long as they catch it within a week of infection, you won't turn into one of the incurable living dead if you can afford about $10,000 worth of antidote. 

Chagas has been implicated in whole villages going mad down in South America from systemic allergic reactions in which all their pores become infected and they develop blood poisoning that makes them roam the streets in a feverish, violent daze. Luckily the Arizona flavor has not transmitted this form of the disease. Yet, anyway.

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