Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Freemason Melonheads 10,000 Years Old

On a cave wall in India

Vault-Co readers will suspect at once they are not looking at aliens but homegrown.

That "spaceship" looks to me like the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid, a melonhead staple.

That illustrated conference of melonheads is having a quick chat session to discuss how to get more work out of manboon slaves on less rice. I would say that "raygun" is probably more likely to represent a sceptre, flail or a whip.

Homo Sapiens thinks every question has one of three answers : a comet, aliens or antimatter. He can avoid thinking hard on any subject by randomly responding with any of these three.

"Why does this black band appear in the fossil layers?" (Reply comet, aliens or antimatter. You win! See how much fun this is? No painful thinking involved.)

Scripture says outright that giant tyrants ruled the planet before the flood and had done so for a long, long time. Not aliens from another world. It also says that many of them survived even until the time of King David and beyond. Fewer numbers requires more cunning when facing vast herds of slaves who outnumber you by a huge margin.

If I was one of them living today, I would tell people they were looking at aliens instead of at one of my ancestors. If they thought these creatures were mere humans instead of aliens they'd realise they have not gone anywhere. Turn on your television and you can see their descendants as talking heads right now. They are the rulers. They have always been the rulers. The fossil and genetic evidence says that the only race these tyrants were not able to rule over with complete control were the Neanderthal people, who lived high in the mountains and deep underground where they could not go.

You have to pity Homo Sapiens, who is so slow-witted he thinks you have to go to outer space to find a ruling class of mandarin tyrants on this planet. He should look under his couch cushion and find his cable remote control. Press that little button on it that looks like a TV. Right. There they are now on Fox News talking about the next war they will send your kids to fight. Heads are a little smaller than they used to be but not by much. The Epic of Gilgamesh describes them as they who wish not to be named. If you are named you can be seen and they want to be seen in order to rule without names.

Neanderthal will give you some help, stupid Sapiens. Get yourself a piece of tracing paper and trace the outline of this guy's head off your television screen. Now hold that piece of paper up to the photo at the top of this blog post and compare. Do you see a family resemblance, stupid Sapiens? This is why you have been pushing a plow and fighting in these creature's wars for untold millennia. You are not quite as sharp as a Neanderthal. This one is so simple even Saps could figure it out.

I see nothing. I know nothing. Everything is true. I obey and compel others to obey. We are all individuals. Sure we are. Neanderthal try to help.  Is futile. Saps is slave race. Melonhead is ruler race. Why get involved?

(Courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

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