Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Enrichmentation Proves Enrichmentation Works

... and other exercises in circular logic that normally do not appeal to sane people.

Foreshortening of amygdala growth starting in early infancy. No, sorry, but I am hacking at the root when I mention this and you are talking about the branches. This produces insane people who actively behave in a suicidal fashion, similar to rats running into the jaws of cats with powerful feelings of love and attraction.

This physiological phenomenon in the latter stages of a civilization can be traced to a myriad of causes including oversupply of calories but it is the root cause of the cyclic nature of societies and the fact that humans can't construct much of anything that ever lasts more than 200 years without it falling to pieces.


Grognard said...

Even most mexicans I know don't support open borders. They certainly don't for their own countries, that's for sure. They basically wiped out all but a tiny minority of their affrican slave leftovers as well. May as well just let anyone who wants move into your house if borders are open. There's no reason to even pretend to have order any more, it just becomes a free for all with a government that is nothing but a band of pirate marauders making sure no one restores a semblance of order.

It is a deliberate provocation, I just can't tell if they really want to destroy america and europe or (as will mostly likely happen) try to foment another nazi-like uprising. I guess if you are a billionaire oligarch you win whichever side comes out on top, so long as there's plenty of conflict. Of course there's always the option "yes, they really are this stupid" which seems to hold up all too often.

As for amygdala I am not sure how true that is. Liberals today (if you can call what passes for liberal today such a thing) seem absolutely terrified of everything imaginable. They are also terrified of other races I have noticed, displays of guilt towards random people of other races seems to be a bizarre way of working out this peculiar character defect. Much saner would be to simply hire/date people based on how much they can do for you, which is generally what people do anyway, no matter how racist they are.

Chris from Sydney said...

The killed by arrows part caught my attention. What do you guys make of it ?

Texas Arcane said...


Right, deep down terrified of everything and unable to form value judgements so instead they rush towards the thing that frightens them.

Exactly like in animals with damaged amygdalas, you mean. Exactly.

Grognard said...

Ok, that makes sense then. I will have to research this a bit.

Bob said...

Tex, with the potential for serious civil unrest occurring at any moment in many major western cities, the ever increasing violence in the middle east and eastern Europe, Israel behaving like a Piranha in a bowl full of fish, the US goading Russia, thankfully Putin has a cool head and appears so far to be one step ahead, Asian nations around the Sea of China with dozens of the naval vessels in close proximity with heightened tensions and their national prides at stake, BRICS nations openly discussing dropping the petro dollar, US vaults empty of physical Gold and 18 Trillion dollars in debt, record numbers of US citizens immigrating to Chile/Argentina and renouncing their US citizenship, the EU is a failed experiment teetering on disintegration, 600,000 London residents have fled from London in the last ten years, record numbers of UK citizens immigrating overseas(~200,000+/year), no sign of economic recovery anywhere. In our lifetime we've never witnessed so many geopolitical, social and economic issues occurring all at the same time.

My question is what are your top 5 priorities in order to lessen your exposure to the aforementioned issues? pay off debt? buy precious metals? move to the bush?

Texas Arcane said...


Mine are :

1. Pay off all debts. (We still have some credit cards)

2. Finish new shelter

3. Own land, house and shelter outright no mortgage

4. Prepare to vanish into background noise when SHTF

I intend to buy some silver as soon as I have some to spare.

Bob said...

Well havent things taken a turn for the worse overnight, Malaysian airliner shot down and Palestine invaded.

Have plenty of arable land, plenty of water, creek and dam. Due to the short growing season here in Tas im building a 10x6 metre stone green house in order to increase yields and fruit varieties, game is in abundance.

Small mortgage to pay off, no credit card debt. no other loans.

No shelter yet, have dug down and encountered bedrock at ~1.5 - 2 metres at each of the best sites.

Have recently bought 60 ounces of Silver and some gold. I recommend these guys

the ATO does not need to be notified on orders under $5000. They do have Paypal but prefer direct debit transfers. Postage was under $15.00 from Perth.


Texas Arcane said...


You sound like the luckiest man on Earth to me.

That bedrock is not a drawback, it is ideal.

If you have patience you can rent a backhoe with a pick attachment and chew that rock out yourself.

Solid bedrock increases a shelter's safety by a factor of at least ten for almost any scenario you could imagine. The ground moves together in an earthquake instead of rippling and the shelter holds together whatever it is made of.

Biggest problem where I am now is locating a site in bedrock. Was easy but expensive on Gold Coast, much harder in Melbourne. You got it made it sounds like to me. You should chisel out that rock and drop a prefab shelter in there you could be set up in a day.

Bob said...

Thanks Tex, i wasnt aware of the value of bedrock in that regard. I remember from your earlier posts that you had battled with condensation/mold issues with your previous shelter, what processes are you planning to implement in order to lessen this issue in the future? From the experiences of those who have built Earth Ships ive read that surrounding the under ground walls of the structure with cool room panels greatly decreased the transference of cold to the inside of the structure, id imagine this would also lessen problems relating to condensation.

Texas Arcane said...


I actually knew better before I built my shelter, I built it with this design despite knowing the ventilation problems, thinking I would power ventilate it around the clock. I didn't.

The best way to design your shelter is such that you can open a hatch, flue or door inside it and feel a distinct breeze of air flowing through the shelter without any power ventilation at all. Whatever your layout, make certain that simply opening it up can ventilate it through passive convection.

Don't do what I did and build it at the bottom of two hatches with no vent able to force air through the shelter without a powered fan. I based my last shelter on the exact design used in Cresson Kearny's shelter design and it had this basic problem.

Consult with somebody who understand ventilation and they can recommend a bunch of ways to insure this. One way is to build your exhaust as a chimney off the ground - air pressure at the top creates a strong draw to suck exhausted air right through the shelter with another hatch open.

Combined with occasional power ventilation you should be fine. Natural caves almost always have such air currents flowing through them and they rarely have similar problems with mold.

Bob said...

So youre not concerned with the possibility of your flue/vent being visible? I suppose this could be somewhat disguised by using an old flue leaning off vertical and surrounded by scrap giving the impression it was a part of the scrap and rubbish. I have a friend who is an air conditioning designer/draughtsman, he has specialised air flow measuring devices. After the greenhouse is finished, one project at a time.