Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Decay At Lightspeed

I know enough history to also know that normally things don't move this quickly.

It took Rome about 150 years to traverse the corrosion that has swept the Kwanstain in less than 20 years. During the brief period since I left the country, it has fallen to pieces. This stuff is mindboggling when you consider somebody of Brown's generation actually pushing these laws through. Talk about a surrender turncoat.

Roughly 50% of the country has effectively been deported without getting out of their chairs. The Founders would marvel things could progress this far with so little resistance.

Kwanstainians been as close to outer space as they ever will be again. No teleporting about in pajamas with communists talking on tricorders, my friend. Nothing like that or anything close. Your destiny lies elsewhere.


Lccorp2 said...

Perhaps it was because even in Rome, some people still had to deal with the realities of life.

With even the "poor" comforted by cheap energy, food, and pleasure for most of their lives that even the most decadent patricians could only dream of, why is it surprising that decay is accelerating much faster than it did in Rome?

Texas Arcane said...


Good and probably true.

The Romans never had bread and circuses like those in the modern world.