Sunday, July 6, 2014

Confirmed : Neanderthals Were Highlanders

Explains their capacity to exist apart from most of mankind for so long and remain a sort of mythical people who developed in isolation apart from others.

(Link from Vault-Co reader)

The Celtics described the Tuatha De Danann as a remarkable, extraordinary race found living in the highest mountains at the same they traveled underfoot in vast caverns and hidden tunnel networks that connected everything. Stories said their magnificent horses, nearly twice as tall as a man and capable of outliving their owners by centuries, were actually transported underground in pairs from the mountains to emerge in the lowlands when they battled with the faery kings. It is noteworthy to point out that horse breeds were being purchased for great sums of money as recently as the 1920's by Irish and Scottish people who claimed they were descended from these strains.

The Nephilim were described as those who were rejected by their own tribes and "cast down from the heights" when they were shunned by their own kind. King James translators assumed they must be talking about heaven. These "Nef-Fellers" (people so strong they can fell a tree with a swing of their arm) were suggested to be "corrupted" by interbreeding with other ?humans?-?animals? because they could not find proper mates amongst their own kind. You can see why I deduced these were simply Neanderthals sent on the long walk.

Also when reading the article you will see they are beginning to describe the various breeds of Neanderthals as obviously very differentiated peoples, with the Amud being so far from the Mousterian they were originally mistaken for some kind of hyper gracile Cro-Magnon superhumans when they were unearthed by a Tokyo expedition in 1961. Over the years, the "remarkably modern face" got changed into a "face with clear neanderthal features" through successive revisions and the implacable results of DNA testing. The Denisovans are a variation on the Amud, sufficiently related to make you wonder if the Mousterian was regarded as the Elder Race, to be respected in all things, by both races. All Amuds have been found with beautiful Mousterian jewelry when they died and Mousterian camps on the Iberian Plateau have been found with high quality Amud weapons. This seems to indicate the Amud had such a high regard for the Mousterian they traded quality weapons for trinkets with the Mousterians and then wore that jewelry everywhere they went for the rest of their lives. This all seems to acquire a much deeper and more sympathetic significance with our epistemology at Vault-Co when you discover the Amuds had 1750 cc brains on average in addition to their superhuman strength, agility and extended relationship with their mentors, their elders the Mousterians.

If I was a melonhead, I'd start to sweat. Wow, I'd think. 1750 cc brain is starting to get close to our averages. These guys could be contenders. Has anybody in the long term planning department had a look at the latest intelligence reports on these creatures? I think we need to start planning an intervention of some kind to stop these critters from making any more progress. When people suggest melonheads must have originated in outer space, I always point out how many things they did which were like the sort of petty, stupid things that only humans would waste time or energy doing. Their activities seem largely concentrated on power down here, not the kind of stuff you would expect from space travelers. Building a series of gigantic, colossal monuments over and over again, either to rule from the top of or to get buried inside of, just seems too dumb and all too human for visitors from space. I reckon the melonheads were never much more than just what their bones look like ... humans with big brains and tall bodies made to rule over other people, not other planets. These giants evolved on this planet, in competition with other hominids of sorts, not in the far reaches of outer space. At the end of the day, the evidence points to them being extremely tall people with big skulls and all our shortcomings and foibles, nothing more. The Bible says as much.


Mex Arcane said...

There can only be one.

Henry Fonda said...

Tex, what do you think about this book?

Thal Genius said...

What if Amuds and Mousterians never traded? Maybe those artifacts were simply spoils of war?

Texas Arcane said...

@Thal Genius

In addition to jewelry, there were numerous Mousterian doodads found on the Amud in the cave that indicated a very regular system of trade. When they found the second Amud, they noticed the fish hooks he was carrying were a classic variety used by Mousterians for hundreds of thousands of years. It almost looks like a parent-child relationship with the Mousterians teaching the Amud how to fish.

Texas Arcane said...

@Henry Fonda

I have the .pdf of that book sitting around somewhere. Excellent eyewitness before everybody and their brother started to inject politics and national interests into the discussion. This book was written before the ridiculous blackout on the Amud started, all because of a definite misunderstanding by the Israelis about the implications of the site. The truth is, the European Eastern jews have less relationship to the Amud than probably anyone on the planet but they were panicking thinking it might reflect on them somehow. Everything eventually has to be censored for fear of some imagined impact on Israel.

Amuds may have been related to Hebrews but not to Ashkenaz. Even then, not much evidence they were closely related to Hebrews exactly. The Mousterian Hebrew connection is another thing. In any event, the whole thing is way too sensitive to permit discussion on but they did not get to this book before it got published.

Texas Arcane said...

@Henry Fonda

One early Israeli scholar who saw the bones and was excited about the discovery said something to the effect of "Almost looks like a Neanderthal mimic, trying to imitate not just any humans, but preadolescents. If you look at the taper of their wrists and ankles it is like they were trying to pass themselves off as human adolescents even at an advanced age."

This guy destroyed his career.

Thal Genius said...

@Texas Arcane
Okay, that convinces me. If you think about it, this motif can also be found in various mythologies - Prometheus teaching mankind agriculture, science, medicine, and so on, or Azazel teaching them how to make weapons, armours, jewelry, and cosmetics. Amazing how much truth is reflected in ancient stories.

Henry Fonda said...

Thanks for the information! May I ask where you got the pdf from?

bicebicebice said...

" a larger head and wide set eyes " lol! Reminds me of someone :