Tuesday, July 8, 2014

China Military Is Ready And Prepped To Fight Third World War

It is now an accepted accomplishment of their ten year military buildup.

UPDATE : War drums beating on Taiwan

UPDATE : Russia ready to surpass U.S. nuclear force with superior technology

Fourteen years ago on Vault-Co, all we wrote about was China's military escalation and rapid modernization to prepare to take back Taiwan. Apparently some crank in Australia actually understands long term strategic thinking better than the past couple of cabinets in the White House. No big surprises there, actually. In fact, an objective summary over the past ten years of this blog would result in a conclusion that I am a superior military planner and thinker than every past administration following Reagan's last term. Ronny had some really sharp hawks in his office, they are all retired now and replaced by people with tattoos who think global government is going to disarm China. Clueless wankers. The only constant with this generation is that any predictions they make on anything will always turn out to be wrong.

If you know about China's tunnel shuttle network from previous posts on Vault-Co, you know Kwanzania would get it's ass handed to it in a bag if they tried to stop the Chinese from seizing back Taiwan. The best outcome for the whole planet is them to acknowledge that the United States is a failed regime in no shape to oppose them and to simply concede them the field. I have a feeling they won't.


John Dee said...

Hey Tex:

A piece of the latest 'Thal news:

"100,000-year-old human skull found in China with 'unique' ear provides further evidence that interbreeding wiped out Neanderthals"

" 'We were completely surprised,' Trinkaus contiued.

'We fully expected the scan to reveal a temporal labyrinth that looked much like a modern human one, but what we saw was clearly typical of a Neanderthal.' "

As always, Vault-Co FTW.

scipio afircanus said...

The germans are supposed to make the quietest submarine in the world, though it is a little slow, at about 8 knots, compared to the fast attack boats.

Anyways Tex, you are wrong, the U.S. has "smart power." Hillary and her gang of harpies will be in power soon, and they will make the world safe again for truth, justice and the Wall Street way :)

Lugh said...

Not to mention how much of our debt they own. We should just let them have it. As you say, Humility for a change. They've betrayed their own people so they should be able to betray the Taiwanese.

styrac1 said...

"Ronny had some really sharp hawks in his office"


"and replaced by people with tattoos who think global government is going to disarm China"

Russia/Putin just got their asses handed to them by US strategists in the Ukraine. You have to give credit where credit's due.

The Five Pillars of US destabilization of China are 1) Geopolitical containment and disruption of emergent economic alliances, hence intensification of US attempts to thwart the emergence of Chinese client states in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Central Asia, as well as reforging ties with US clients in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 2) Economic isolation, i.e. trade pacts like TPP that exclude China and threats against Chinese sea lanes and other trade routes in the East and South China Seas. 3) Internal disruption by supporting and arming separatists in Tibet and Xinjiang, in the hope that China can be dismembered like the Soviet Union 4) development of 5th column movements in China (pro-democracy and human rights activists), Hong Kong and Taiwan, and 5) as a last resort direct military confrontation, which requires the disintegration of Russia, anarchy in the ME and South Asia, a re-militarized Japan and an independent Taiwan.

Hillary Drops the Big One on China (Taiwan = Ukraine):

Chris from Sydney said...

I read the Ukraine situation 180 degrees opposite and concluded the US got it's butt handed to them by Putin. How do you figure Ukraine was a strategic win for the US ?

scipio afircanus said...

styrac1, Russia is going to build other pipelines to bypass the Ukraine. Then the Ukraine will be bankrupted financially. The will probably be begging to be readmitted to absorbed by Russia so as to not starve.

Putin wins at chess, while the U.S. tries to up its checkers game...

Prof. Vault said...


Apparently, the US (and a few other places) hold a trump card over China regarding their debt that China owns:

The US and US citizens hold a lot of Republic of China bonds that PRC refuses to pay as their obligation as the successor government.

I even read (can't find link now) that as part of the agreement to transfer Hong Kong back to China, PRC agreed to meet their payment obligations to the British bondholders of RoC debt.

styrac1 said...

Russia has now set the precedent that it does not have the right, ability, or political will to act or intervene in the post Soviet space when facing serious Western opposition. Further it has set the precedent that the US and EU DO have both the right and ability to act to the point of orchestrating regime change, civil war, and the complete domestic political reordering and geopolitical reorientation of a country in what was once considered Russia's "near abroad" and that Russia lacks the ability and/or political will to counter or resist this in any way.