Saturday, July 12, 2014

Australia Leading the World … Back To A New Dark Ages Barbarism

As predicted on Vault-Co, everything is rapidly getting normalised now.

The loss of the ability to distinguish hazards and recognize dangerous changes is related to the amygdala at the center of the brain.

Imagine Emperor Nero standing on a bucket and deflowering his blushing horse bride, who was wearing a veil at the time, in front of the Praetorian Guard assembled several hundred men deep in a square in front of him. The Romans knew it is okay if it is about love, after all. Not so different from Kwanzanians.

Manboons are not a learning animal. They repeat these endless cycles like biological automatons. They can no more "think" than a mayfly or a sand crab. Their ability to speak provides mere commentary on their own actions, all of it invariably wrong, like a man strapped to a boxcar trying to guess where he is going next on the rails. He doesn't know. He's just along for the ride.


styrac1 said...

KW Jackson said...

I personally have a viscerally negative reaction to that judge's visage. I wouldn't trust him near my chickens let alone a child of my enemy.

Luke said...


I read that article.

Raping girls is abhorrent and evil, but it makes sense as a biological strategy. The top dogs use violence to secure a monopoly on reproduction. We can see it in the animal world.

Raping boys just doesn't make sense. There's no biological benefit. Why would a successful organism want to do that? It seems to me that it's not that they enjoy these acts despite how evil they are, but precisely because of how evil they are.

It's like they just sit around and think of the most horrible, disgusting, unspeakably evil things, and then go and do them. They get their jollies from spitting in the face of God. By expressing their hatred of all that is good.

Satan's children.