Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Animatronic Announcer 'Bot Technology Perfected By NWO

Just how fake was 9-11?

Pretty fake, it turns out. So fake that even fakers were ashamed at how fake it was.

I'm looking at Krauthammer on Fox right now. He's yammering away about some other war we need to start this instant to keep the world safe for Israel. Gosh, that man is hideous. Broke the ugly stick on his face when he was born. Krauthammer was caught red-handed passing along badly forged documents to make it look like Iraq had purchased yellowcake uranium. Technically, he is supposed to be in Guantanamo Bay for conspiring with enemies against the American Republic to foment a war. He's free as a bird just harping away, blah blah blah. Hey, look everybody, I've got documents showing the Russians are planning to detonate a series of nukes on U.S. soil. So we have to start World War III right now. I know the documents look like they were printed off on my crummy EPSON printer and the signature at the bottom that is supposed to be from the Russian ambassador looks an awful lot like my handwriting but forget about all that, when do I get my guest speaker gig on Fox News? I'm a patriot and I want to help.

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