Friday, July 4, 2014

AMA Junk Science

I knew it was junk the second I saw the headline.

The medical profession is worse than the rest of the scientific community. It is not a question of when they are lying for profit. It is a question of when would they ever want to tell the truth when it is bound to cut into their bottom line?

Junk. I have a trick I use to reveal when they are lying. Do you know what it is? I watch to see if their lips move. That's the giveaway.

When I saw the original headline, I instantly imagined them asking people "Do you take vitamins and supplements?" and when they answered yes, they then asked them if they have ever suffered from some medical condition. I knew they then tallied the results and said "Aha! People who take vitamins have higher health risks than ordinary people! Look how sick they are!" Dumba*ss, that's the reason they are more likely to try vitamins. They are sick people and doctors can't help them! Of course more sick people would have tried vitamins! They're desperate and the medical profession is as worthless as a monkey wrench on a loose screw when it comes to helping them!


Grognard said...

They want to outlaw over the counter supplements so you have to pay drs money to get them. They have already outlawed a whole ton in EU and will bring this craziness to the US if they can.

deadman said...

This was covered on the Joe Rogan podcast with a Dr. Rhonda Patrick :

The people surveyed weren't young, weren't in the best of health & the 'scientific method' used was laughable at best.

So I'll be sticking with my Onnit supplements thank you.
#GetOnnit #AlphaBrainFTW

- deadman

styrac1 said...