Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aftermath Realistic Appraisal

I'd say this is pretty accurate with the exception that the ash would be back down in 5 years, not 20

These guys are using Carl Sagan's research which was later revealed to be Soviet propaganda fed directly into Sagan's ears.

Otherwise, mostly accurate. Ozone depletion would definitely be a problem. It is a solvable problem if you could screen your greenhouse a little against UV burn of your plants. Still better if you grow them on LED lights underground.

The most important single module of Vault-OS when the source code is released is the permaculture hydroponics management system. I consider everything else secondary to that.

I would love to saturation bomb the VOS source code and have it up in two weeks but everybody keeps me busy with other things. I just cannot sit down and burn out an alpha version until I get my other projects done. Once a week I vow I am going to throw it up on GitHub then I think … I have at least got to get that hydroponics controller screen with web pages working before I do that.

My sticking point for DOS has been thread management which takes a lot of cross-platform code to support in Desqview. I have a burning desire to make sure the DOS version works correctly in version one when it is released as open source. I keep making changes that require testing on three platforms to verify it is working correctly. That takes a lot of time.

I thought of something last week called "the application farm," which is a flexible library of drop-in tools that people could add to VOS to support their own special needs. It was just an idea, have not written any code to support it yet. Something where it would look at the CGI pages available and list all the tools in the user's web server … like a page to compute fallout for a given burst upwind of a city, etc., not mandatory baked-in pages but additional tools in a supplementary directory. This seemed like a brilliant idea when I thought of it. Have not even debugged the memex / PDF library facility yet.

If you want another example of a logistics problem … do I support directories like all other super servers with file systems or do I keep it as in-memory caching for everything? (The samples I have shown up here are all built-in) Do I even permit the loading of CGI scripts into web pages so that CGI can be added to the register and maintained in memory or just load it from a directory the way most CGI works? I keep thinking that more eyes can solve any problem, maybe it is time to put it up and let others take a crack at it.


Simon said...


Six years ago you said that you were observing sardines for their storage life. Do you have an update?

Texas Arcane said...


Just opened a can of these the other day.

Seriously, as good as the day they were packed. No difference in taste at all from brand new. Packed in olive oil.

One caveat - they were good quality, not the el cheap kind. I expect the really cheap brands might not last as well.

Grognard said...

Nuking pakistan to end global warming (if it exists at all) doesn't seem like a bad trade.

I think these estimates are highly fanciful however. There's been an awful lot of nuclear tests which had much higher yields. Some of the INDIVIDUAL bombs tested had more yield than their combined total for this imaginary war. Net effect on weather: zilch, nada, zero.

And these are all ground bursts as well. Usually an air burst will have much less fallout and much much less dust kicked up in the air, but does damage to a wider area.

Even if every current nuke was launched it would hardly end the world.

Luke said...

Socialists are cheaters:

Texas Arcane said...


Great link thanks. It is good to see they are finally documenting this stuff.

a007eb5a-0b6c-11e4-a13e-ef7db2d5fe92 said...

WRT Ozone:
Their model is wrong as long as there is oxygen in the atmosphere and the sun emits UV there will be ozone. The ozone layer is the pseudo-equilibrium of the UV flux, Oxygen density, and Oxygen mean free path. The UV that makes it to the ground managed to meet no oxygen on its trip through the atmosphere.

Daimyo said...

What nutrients are you using in your hydroponic system?