Saturday, June 14, 2014

Unbelievable - The Water In The Depths (Genesis)

Difficult to comprehend. Once again, scripture correct, man wrong.

I noticed this winning streak when I was still an atheist.
Score : God = , Man = 0.

The earth looks like it was customised to support life. No reasonable person would deny it.


njartist said...

I noticed that too yesterday and posted it to my FB page; the usual atheist made his buybull comment.

I had already read that they have found hot water at five to ten miles down. One book I read stated that when the floods occurred, the ocean water, being doubled by this hot water was warm; it stated that it was this warm water which caused the ice age. I will leave it at that.

Simon said...


I remember reading on your site about the Kronprinz Wilhelm, and it has been causing me a fair bit of consternation these past couple of days, so I need to ask, what do you think caused the crew's malnutrition? From what I've read the possessed all the things required for a good diet.

The parallel to vault-dwelling is obvious,so any info you have that could clear this up would be most appreciated.


Texas Arcane said...


The crew complained of slow healing of wounds and bone breaks, always a sure sign of scurvy.

I notice in the ship's register they ate a very solid diet which is probably the reason they could endure as long as they did while scurvy crept up on everybody.

This is another good anecdotal story that proves the importance of storing ascorbic acid in a Vault to mix with flavored drinks. Powdered ascorbic lasts a long time in storage in dry conditions.