Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time Magazine Is A Melonhead Propaganda Rag

Melonheads are good, crushing the underclass is good, getting rid of the middle class is good, getting rid of the U.S. Constitution and framework of government is good. Poverty, misery, instability and chaos are all good.

I can't believe somebody would be bold enough to actually publish this plutocratic drivel.

Remember, I don't write this crap. I just link to it.

The Founding Fathers would tell us that we should have been knee deep in spent shell casings from the all-night firing squad twenty years ago. We weren't and this is the natural progression.

The tenth generation is always the last. Every 200 years like clockwork. You could set your watch.


Thal Genius said...

Come on, I am this close to proving that you actually hack these sites and put these articles there yourself. No one could be evil enough to actually praise the most deplorable character traits and social mechanisms in an article in a large magazine. It's so depressing that one starts hoping for imminent ITZ. The melonhead menace is real.

His Majesty said...

The 'founding fathers' should have been shot, as should the French revolutionaries and the Whigs in England. The whole project has been a tragic catastrophe.

God Save The King!

samhuih said...

Yeah, all we need is a King and some guards with fuzzy hats and all our problems will be solved. Never mind that we used to have literacy and/or property requirements for voting. That seemed to work but it's too practical for some. Only a King will do.