Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thorium - Cat is Out Of The Bag

With reactors coming on line in India and China for residential and industrial use, the 'Stain can no longer pretend Thorium does not exist. They've kept Thorium a secret wherever possible for a half a century.

Too late.

Physics doesn't change. People do. They get stupider each generation. Physics stays the same.

The 'Stain government did not want people to know they have had thorium reactors running for government labs for decades on a fist-sized piece of thorium that leaves waste products less radioactive than the granite countertop in your kitchen.

If there is anything that can stop a third World War, it is widespread adoption of Thorium power.

Of course, one of the side products of thorium reactors is a desalinisation plant to convert limitless amounts of seawater into 100% pure drinking water. See why I loved the scientists at Oak Ridge Labs?

Imagine if every community had a light molten salt reactor and produced their own food the way this guy does in a previous blog. Imagine how safe, resilient, stable and secure the world would be. Imagine how capable people would be of coping with catastrophic events and rebounding quite easily no matter what sort of changes the natural world threw at them. Imagine a whole world composed of these hardened communities with extensive underground infrastructure and local control of all decision making. This planet could easily support 100 billion people with this kind of architecture. They'd be really good people, too. Self-reliant and sound people.

This stuff is the worst possible scenario for Melonheads. Their whole strategy for survival has essentially revolved around centralisation of resources (and therefore authority and control) for a million years. They wake up screaming from nightmares about a thorium-powered world in which nobody listens to them and they push grocery carts down the highway with a sign wired to the front reading WILL RULE FOR FOOD. They have big plans for Tel Aviv as the world capital, global government and a colossal marxist planetwide empire that they will sit atop and graze upon the cream as envisioned by Leo Strauss. If Thorium gets off the ground, they will have lost the entirety of their arguments which rest on scarcity and crisis. If you want to thwart Melonheads, promote Thorium.

Thorium ruins all the best laid plans of psychopaths and sociopaths worldwide.

Keep talking about Thorium and mention it to everybody whenever you get a chance. The most important changes can often come from grass roots movements that are impossible to quell because they come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

If you're a survivalist, support Thorium.

If you've ever wondered why I link to the "Dark Enlightenment" on the left side of my blog, it is because I see it as the natural progression of neoconservatism into the technocratic class. It is not because I support such ideas, it is that I see the current regime as inevitably spiralling into quasi-fascism despite the ridiculous protests of "individuals" who cannot even govern their own passions.

In tiny, highly self-sufficient communities, modern people who live without any regard for traditional mores would quickly find themselves banished by their neighbours. If people wanted to pursue simple impulse gratification and porn atomism, they would quickly learn that they don't need modern conveniences to do so and would be invited to leave and make a life for themselves in a mud hut somewhere. It is centralised authoritarian domestication that elevates people with bad character to the fore of society because they are milder copies of the authorities who run the system itself. Centralized societies reward the worst and punish the best. This is not sustainable and invariably leads to despotic rule sooner or later.

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