Thursday, June 12, 2014

Theft By Any Other Name

Seizure of private property without due process or even proper warrant or legal justification

This gives you an idea of what kind of laws were being passed in secret session by Labor. The more you know the worse it gets.

People began to keep their money under a mattress during the last Depression for this very reason. It got so bad that you could not leave your money in the bank, that was the least safety for your savings. Roosevelt's administration was practicing crowbar redistribution, literally yanking open safe deposit boxes at gunpoint and stealing the gold out in the name of "anti-hoarding" laws. It took decades for that generation to pass away and be replaced by people who thought banks were where you stored your money to keep it from being stolen.


Some dude said...

the irony of all this is that all deposits made to a bank are actually loans made to a bank. No one seems to grasp that.

KW Jackson said...

Statism is flawed. Its whole premise is armed robbery (tax). That is why even the great experiment of America has failed. You own yourself. You therefore own the results of your actions - for good or ill. The premise is flawed that any group has the right to use force without being accountable for loss incurred by others. The threshold to empower everyone to audit anyone is within grasp. That terrifies the ponerological elite. Psychopaths strive to be unaccountable. They cognate their actions cause harmful repercussions but the lack of prefrontal cortex prevents understanding of those actions in 'others' as being meaningful to their environment. It's this brain damage that holds back the human race. IMO it's a melonhead/pre-denisovan trait which is unfortunately a survival mechanism in many situations - which is why we can see it occurs epigentically. Atrophying of the pre-frontal cortex in the horribly abused children - eg. harsh environment creates psychopaths to only think of their own survival. Strikes me as eery that the melon societies always have horrid abuses of the very young - it's like a way to breed more of their kind by triggering the psychopathic switch.
tl;dr - psychopaths create statism

samhuih said...

KW Jackson is right. Notice if it's true the melonheads ruled for long time what they accomplished. Nothing. A few stone pyramids. Nicely joined walls. The Aztecs probably learned to rip out hearts and consume the bodies from the melonheads. Psychopaths just want to order every one around and act deviant. They rarely accomplish anything of lasting value.

Tex is always downgrading Sapiens but we've built some cool stuff. Books, ocean going ships, zeppelins, F-22 fighters, Volkswagen vans, Gothic Cathedrals, solar panels, the bikini, etc...etc...

cbenediccengi said...

Funny that you should bring this up. My grandparents were WWii'ers, were hard-working and thrifty. My Nan used to save some coins,they had a safe, and they made derisive comments about the banks casually - they and their parents going through the depression, naturally (in Eastern Canada, mind you, but pretty much the same experience). They embodied the phrase 'use it up, wear it out, do with little, or do without'. That generation is all but passed, and since about 15 years ago (I am 30, now) I have noticed the following:
- no more personal gardens. there were 50% in the country. now, none
- preventive maintenance on cars, sketchy, houses, non-existent
- my dad (baby-boomer faggot: fat, whiny, stupid, cowardly) makes fun of me for hoarding some cash/coins like his 'paranoid mother'. marriage to shitty woman (my mother, who is a pathological liar/thief with daddy issues), cheats, divorce, new woman with 8 year old kid, destroys another mans family.
- cousins aged 20-40 ALL have drug problems: jean jacket and/or lab coat dispensed
- no one exercises or eats right, but doesn't want to be criticized for being obese and disgusting because of their lack of self control.
- poor impulse control and high time preference, like ni99ers
- no sense of community or family. relationships transactional and not reciprocal

You can literally watch the rot accelerate...I think it's hilarious and laugh, because if I didn't, I'd cry.

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