Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Entire Planet Is One Big Oopart

Mysterious iron pipes inside 150,000 year old pyramid in China.

Reality sucks if you are a professional career scienmajist.

Salt water. Running a molten salt thorium reactor to light the pharaoh's vanity mural in the interior for visitors? Probably the truth is something far more incredible.

The special properties of the sandstone have preserved the pipes where normally they'd just be red stains in the ground within a couple hundred years. The next time you see a red stain in the ground, remember that.

Check out the strange radioactivity associated with the site. Just another melonhead atomic war going back into infinity. Yawn, I seen this play before. It was good the first time but the 5000th time I watched it on cable I practically knew all the actors lines by heart.

This page is a good review of just a few of the existing anomalies.

It is obvious the Neanderthals made cheap iron in kilns. The proof is that it was cheap iron. Compared to their impressive organic weapons made from flint, bitumen and wooden handles they probably had a wide assortment of rather crude iron tipped spears, knives and throwing blades that would have rusted into vapour very quickly compared to the implements that used more natural components and were fossilised. I don't doubt for an instant that these cheap smelted iron tools from red oxide deposits probably made them seem like unbelievably high tech warriors in their heyday compared to many other hominids. The problem is that even if you have two pig iron machetes, an iron tipped spear and iron razor edged throwing disk you are still not going to last very long against a mob of three hundred Cro Magnons hurling cheap wooden spears with deadly accuracy at long distance. You might never even get a chance to take your close range iron weapons off your utility belt. Imagine Batman looking down on Joker's Lair from a rooftop and just getting killed with a speargun before he could even get out his batarang. Batman's dead. Some retards threw all their spears at him at once. That's a very short comic book.

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Thal Genius said...

I read somewhere that those are actually fossilized bamboos in an iron-rich soil. The iron kept replacing what water and wind eroded, and after 150000 years, you end up with iron pipes. How much of that is true is up to speculation, of course, but I don't think it's that farfetched.