Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'Thal Turns Bedroom Into An Arcade Parlour

Obsessed with bringing his cave walls to life.

Right down to the penny candy machines. Clearly seeking to renew reassuring sensory-associated memories and emotional states through facile contact.

Has a hard time deciding between his dream states and his woman. Decides his dream states are more important. Woman leaves, man keeps beautiful living cave. Can get another woman, 'Thal decides.

I learn more about Amud Neanderthals every day by looking for people like me with similar qualities. They get easier to spot all the time.


Chris from Sydney said...

Mex Arcane said...

I was into the same thing a few years back, before I moved down to the insular peninsula. 32k though... the dude did a great job, but I'd have done it for half that. I'm guessing he was very particular about finding certain machines (in short supply), and that's where the money went as they became available.

Jordan_S said...

That room is awesome!

Jordan_S said...

That room is awesome!

Alex N said...

Before dating profiles there were cave walls.

"If you don't like technicolor then this relationship isn't going to work out."