Thursday, June 26, 2014

Something Getting Ready To Happen In Kwanstainia

Something big is coming.

UN Armored cars spotted in many southern states brought in on truckbeds.

"Demobilization and disarmament jobs" being hired for in the north. Plenty of long term unemployed people responding willing to do any work asked of them.

Some people think that the Illuminati coordinate their schedules using software sold to the public.

Flooded by immigration invasion and government is transporting them all over the country, dumping them on the locals.

Economy is almost completely destroyed in the U.S. with no hope for the next thirty years of it ever bouncing back.

Robert Welch and the John Birch society were right.

This ISIS insurgency will provide the perfect cover story for an endless series of false flags, this time possibly nuclear. The country will be brought to its knees.

This is why they assassinated Breitbart. He gave this speech before the 2nd election.

Ridiculous, you're saying. If they killed Breitbart with one of their usual poisons to fake his heart attack,  it would come out in his autopsy. It did and so they poisoned his coroner, too. The media didn't discuss it and so it never happened. Problem solved. Do you know why he was worth the trouble? Alpiner melonhead. Understood power politics, logistics and organisation of opposition to be effective. On the wrong side and a little too much potential to be trouble.

I'm glad I don't live there anymore. I'm glad I live where I do. My heart goes out to the people still there they are going to make an example out of. They are very, very, very bad. Very bad. They posit sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. They are children of the devil, every one of them.

If you want to know why Breitbart was starting to worry the powerful people who really control the United States, here he singlehandledly defeats an entire rent-a-mob by himself, without security or backup of any kind. By himself, he backs down an angry group of useful idiots numbering in the several hundreds :

The elites were doing the math and thinking … if one Breitbart can defeat several hundred of our paid stooges we have funded by himself, what happens if you had a couple dozen Breitbarts getting organised? Time for Andrew Breitbart to have himself a heart attack.


Charity said...

Thought you might want to read this:

styrac1 said...

Ryan Clark said...

These are made in the 1 minute of research before you write.

Lazer said...

Neanderthals were omnivores.

Russell said...

I just watched the video of Breitbart dominating the protesters. He utterly unmanned them.

I can see why he was killed.

Also, watch the protest handlers. Now watch the Boston bombing conspiracy videos focused on the crowd writhing in 'pain' and the handlers.

Can anyone tell me there isn't a striking similarity to the handlers there and the union protest handlers, and even the responses from the crowds?

Chris from Sydney said...

@Ryan Clark,
I agree fully, 100%. International Law prevents UN equipment manufactured in a particular geographic area from being deployed in that geographic area.
Anybody who does a single minute's research understands this, for example the Soviets imported trains from Indonesia to deport Estonians to the gulags in 1941 and the Germans used Chinese rifles and bayonets to herd jews into railway boxcars during 'holocaust'.
I even heard that Pol Pot imported military surplus .303's from Australia for year zero as it is inconceivable that anybody would use regionally manufactured items against the populations of that particular region.
Generally speaking this blog is best enjoyed by those who can walk and chew gum at the same time, perhaps Ryan you might feel more comfortable following Boxxy on youtube ?