Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sense of Humor Serves As Cause To Confiscate Firearms

Anyone who tells you that Australia still has a right to bear arms despite draconian regulation, registration and control that would frighten commissars in the Soviet Union in it's heyday should read this.

Hoplophobia is latent homosexuality that expresses itself as a fear that other men may be able to defend themselves.

It could be triggered by seeing a person whom you know has arms demonstrating a sense of humor when getting his photo taken. Agreed, it is weird but does it constitutes any reasonable evidence of mental illness sufficient to automatically issue a warrant for confiscation of his arms? If there is no aggravating conduct, no other substantial report of violation of his requirements, where is the probable cause to proceed? Well, like all "privileges" extended to you by government, it does not require anything but arbitrary impulse to withdraw the "privilege." Since the entire chain of command in law enforcement is invariably occupied at various levels by people who often turn out to be seriously disturbed and criminal human beings themselves and since any of those people can confiscate your arms without probable cause at any moment, obviously it is only a matter of time before all law abiding people lose their arms.

Only a sweaty, neurotic latent homosexual control freak would consider the photo enough to justify taking his arms away and subject him to a psychiatric examination. A well balanced person would not react that way. Especially upon finding out that this person was simply engaged in a form of political expression by wearing this colander under a religious loophole during his photo.

You may think Australians still retain the right to bear arms but you're wrong. These are just the traditional transitional steps leading to complete arms confiscation from all law-abiding people. This guy with the colander on his head is nothing but the canary in the coal mine.

The problem is not law abiding men with guns. The problem is that criminals don't obey laws by definition. That's why Australia is turning into a shooting gallery. Don't worry, however … it will probably just be the law abiding getting shot. The criminals are armed to the teeth, as always under such draconian governments. Tyrants respect criminals but the law abiding they regard as no more than domesticated animals.

Most Australians are unaware that passive observers of their culture are left with a strong conviction that Australians simply don't have the brains to solve their problems or maintain their civilisation. You show me any immigrant to Australia who has lived here for more than a few years with IQ above room temperature, I guarantee you if you get a couple beers into them and loosen up their tongues they will admit it. Australians think prohibition of arms can work if they can just "get the criminals and guns off the street." Like there is a resource shortage of both guns and criminals and once they capture the limited pool of bad ones, all the remaining humans will be good sheep forever. A childlike fantasy about the real world. Reminds me of the globowarmthinkers who admit that even if manmade climate change was real, it might be impossible to do anything about it but that shouldn't stop us from trying anyway even if like Julia Gillard it destroys the entire Australian economy overnight. A kind of madness that is difficult to speak to since it betrays something inherently wrong with the human mind that could produce a conclusion like this one. Damaged goods don't get fixed upon receipt because they are identified as damaged goods during shipping. They remain damaged goods when signed for.


KW Jackson said...

Everywhere education is government controlled, mandatory and "free" you have this problem. Setting up the State as god has all the problems of a church as state - it's still run by humans. Humans that think the precautionary principle applies to those who are not in the state. Hence why democide is the number one murderer (about half a billion people in the 20th century were murdered by government action). Fines for victimless crimes are just big taxes on non-compliant minds.

Ryan David G said...

Sounds like this guy actually has quite a sophisticated sense of humour by Australian standards.