Sunday, June 1, 2014

Same Play, Different Actors

In the last 100 years of Rome, the Senate still existed but the succession of insane Emperors established a precedent of completely ignoring any rule of law and simply arbitrarily doing whatever they wanted without consulting anyone.

It is true that the United States has a Constitution.

The thing is, nobody pays it any attention. They just sign "executive orders" and act without consulting any elected representatives.

Now it appears they are negotiating treaties and arranging swaps of prisoners without even letting Congress know about it - despite the requirement of law to do so.

More here. This actually reminded me of the scene in MYSTERY MEN where "Captain Amazing" is so bored looking for suitable supervillains to battle he pulls strings to get "Casanova Frankenstein" released from a mental institution so he can get more corporate sponsorship.

A nation is no better than the people who live in it. It doesn't matter what is written down on paper. America has reached that critical tipping point where enough of its citizens are so completely out-to-lunch mentally that the rule of law simply fell out of fashion from lack of interest. I have a feeling it is not the first time it has happened.

The Roman people didn't really register or care that Nero was putting on the mask of his dead wife's face at night and sneaking out to thrill kill people he caught at random in the streets surrounded by the royal guard. All that really mattered to them was the vicious barbaric spectacles of the Roman circus in the coliseum and the free bread they threw out into the bleachers. Nothing else mattered to them.

The problem wasn't that Nero was insane. People like Nero are always around.

The problem was that the Romans were insane. That is where the problem really was.

It is like some kind of biological kill-switch is built into Homo Sapiens that fires every tenth generation after a civilisation is founded. The only law henceforth to be lawlessness. It is like they can't help themselves. Genetic automatons. DNA Simulacra. A cloned animal with safeguards baked in. The melonhead who pitched this design to his colleagues had the last slide of his powerpoint presentation loaded with security assurances :

  1. Corpus Callosum severed to barest minimum required connection
  2. Amygdala shrinks upon reaching population density trigger
  3. Death wish counteracts higher-order organisation when it reaches certain level
  4. Guaranteed to go crazy before it achieves any significant progress and destroy itself

I can just see them all applauding and pounding the guy on the back when he switches off the overhead projector. "Brilliant! Most incredible thing I have ever seen! It's what we have all been waiting for. The 'Thals are finished, they won't know what hit them when we release this thing into the wild."

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Grognard said...

Civilization starts on the margins from barbarians that have endured harsh conditions, expands, then gets flooded with immigration and the core people who founded it become wealthy and don't want to raise children and cycle repeats.