Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reprint of a Classic

Nothing but bad news on Vault-Co for a while. Even I get sick of it.

I just thought I'd reprint this article to show you what kind of world we could actually be living in if we didn't share it with a bunch of a**holes. They want you to think that we live amidst ever-increasing scarcity, peak energy, global warming and a bunch of other fake crises. None of these crises exist anywhere outside of the human brain that is hallucinating them.

Growing food in the desert abundantly

What is really hilarious is that the threats they should be anticipating is a shift back to a new Ice Age (requiring technologies just like these to survive), our planet's electrical grid security during solar flares and magnetic reversals and self-sufficiency for every nation as a viable strategy for the future. Otherwise we'd have almost nothing to fear ever again if we were using our brains. Our societies stopped doing that about fifty years ago when the culture wars started.

All of their false manufactured threats have consequences like war, famine and disease but almost all of these are a result of human stupidity and refusal to respond to simple feedback from experience. We don't really need to have a clash of civilizations or be constantly occupying and invading other countries or any of that crap.

The guy in the article above is part of the solution. It's the way forward.

Everybody else is mostly just crazy people making it worse with nearly everything they say and do. They don't know it but that is all they are really doing with their lives.


August said...

There's Jeff Lawton, too.

Have you run into Permaculture? I know they originated in Australia. I also know they attract a lot of hippy leftists, but the interesting thing is a lot of these leftists start realizing the government is the problem when they start trying to apply these design principles in real life.
Some interesting things going on here in the States with a combination of West Coast hippy permaculture, and southern prepper style practicality. Still to soon to tell, but the outcome may be good.

Thal Genius said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for him to solve the world hunger. He'll get taxed to death, sued by Monsanto for not using zog-approved seeds, infringing some patents, and left penniless on the streets. There are people who don't like any innovation of any kind very, very much.

Grognard said...

Great post.

deadman said...

Something tells me you'll find this Aussie Asian's aquaponic setup somewhat interesting :

"Jane meets an ingenious gardener with a fascinating growing system"

- deadman

Simon said...

More on dysgenics:

samhuih said...

Always been fascinated by this technology. I lived in the desert for a few years. We had a swamp cooler on our house. The same principle the greenhouse uses. It would take outside temperatures of 100F down to a very comfortable temperature.

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