Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rap Died A Decade Ago

Unlike Disco, music labels continued to produce, sell it and force it into a variety of venues for ten years after it ceased to be commercially profitable.

The next time somebody tells you market forces determine what entertainment looks like, ask them why Hollywood is making movies nobody sees and music nobody listens to despite years of feedback that the dog simply won't eat that dogfood. Without their powerful distribution cartel (junk is poured into cable whether they want it or not, despite nobody watching it on there either except as background noise) the entertainment industry would have gone broke a long, long time ago.

Their political motives are strong enough for them to sustain millions and millions of dollars in losses in favour of what they'd like people to see, not what they actually want to see.

They play that rap crap at the gym and this is another reason I always take my MP3 player to drown that garbage out. It is difficult to imagine anything duller and more uncool than rap music. Sales were always driven by ten year old white kids who had only one parent in the household but even they stopped purchasing around the turn of the century.

The dog doesn't like that dogfood. Period. I am not sure it ever really did.

If there is one thing that doesn't drive the entertainment industry, it is market forces. They are driven largely by political and social cartels that impose ideas on people they really do not find attractive at all. They keep cramming for years on end hoping they will make the beast so sick and numb it just doesn't care anymore.

They knew they didn't have to keep it up forever. They just had to keep it up long enough to finish the job. And get properly supplied and equipped to cope with dogs when they decided they have had enough.


August said...

There is now an abomination that is basically country rap. Similar lyrics, just slowed down, and with a country twang.

Russell said...

I hit the gym late at night. Last year they played rap on one of my standard nights. I found it difficult, at times, to really get into the zone with it playing.

The gym had a one of those 'hey, how are we doing?' questionnaires. I put in the suggestion box not to play rap.

This year, they stopped playing rap, and switched to classic rock, classic hard rock, and 80's music. For me, the difference has been striking.

I'm a middle aged white guy that grew up in a predominately white area, so I don't know how much to attribute to genetics or upbringing, but there is a discernible difference there.