Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Advanced Era Of Improvementation And Edjamafacashun

Which looks more and more inferior to the 3rd century A.D. every single day

History is cyclical. When people believe they are the peak they are always at the nadir.

The most important thing you can know about history is that when a generation assumes it is the most advanced there is a high probability they are in fact the most retrograde. Our current era is starting to look like a return to the crudest, dirtiest and most miserable barbarism ever. The worst of all possible worlds for all concerned, not the best. With pirates controlling the seas and slavery all but ubiquitous throughout the world, somewhere we lost two millennia of real advances almost overnight.

Just finished reading this. It was way more interesting than you might believe. The most interesting part about the book is that the author is so out of touch with reality he thinks slavery is not still a legal institution throughout the world. Amerikwans are so schizophrenic.

The Byzantine Empire, fractured from the collapse of the Roman Empire, wanted men all over the world to know … we are not Islam. Slavery is not welcome here. Every free man is seen as an individual in our empire and everyone who fights against the darkness will be given the light of liberty. It is very similar to the way that America was kept fairly honest from 1945 through to 1993 with the need to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the United States lost its moral compass and was essentially taken over completely in a coup by a small group of elites with far better long term planning and grandiose goals. With no shadow to compare itself with, the Americans went insane and were conquered from the inside by the neocons. That gives you an idea of how weak the internal guidance of men really is without an external enemy they want to believe represents a dichotomy. Their grasp of right and wrong is so feeble that without an example of wrong they cannot even fumble their way to a concept of the right.

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