Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Ground Gives Way On Dog Domestication

Now we've got a concession to 45,000 years B.C. by mainstream.

Keep going, Saps. You're getting warmer.

That's because any farther back and it will be obvious dogs were domesticated by Neanderthals, not Cro-Magnons.

If you take away plant domestication and animal domestication, what is left for Cro-Magnon to claim?

He can claim he killed the people who domesticated these crucial resources and stole them for his own use. That's all he can ever claim. Evidence of his own merit appears to be nonexistent.


styrac1 said...

Grognard said...

It's an outright lie to claim anything in europe for 'moderns' before 30k years ago. No modern skulls show up til about 30k years ago, and only then in east europe.

Some of the sequenced neanderthals are at 30k years ago!

So this is pure BS anyway.

I am sure dogs and goats have been domesticated 100k+ years ago. There are signs of this in their genetics.