Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MetaLunans At Davos

Just watched a press review of guests at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Featured a wide variety of "industry leaders" (global governance commissars) from all walks of life.

Every single man and woman interviewed had a ridiculously oversized melon skull, one after the other. They each in turn had a distinctly inhuman look about them. A ruling class of oriental mandarins, each and every one of them.

Amarna art model, Queen Rania of Jordan.
(She has had surgical work on her nose to make it more aquiline)
I picked Queen Rania because she looks so much like this bust the resemblance is irrefutable.
Many melonheads of European stock would have the same dimensions, however.
One woman with a designated title so vague it scarcely seemed to fit into the english language was blathering away about how they've got it all under control in the brave new world of prosperity we will shortly be moving into. Her forehead and occipital bun were hilariously gigantic. The difference between her and the press reporter interviewing her was dramatic. Even a glance would convince most reasonable people they were watching one human species interview another.

These things are all hidden in plain sight. I am convinced that Neanderthal simpletons are the only people who can see these things when they are literally in focus and in front of the face. Whatever encoding was done on the rest of the slaves to make them accept these things subconsciously, they missed on the Neanderthal brain. No such brain rewiring present. More evidence the 'Thal brain is simply a natural product of a million years of trial and error refinement in a cold environment. The 'Thal never pushed a plow or carried blocks on pyramids or hung on the Pharoah's every word like a zombie. There is no underlying genetic groove to make such behaviour seem perfectly natural. On the other hand, there is always a respect and certain admiration there in the 'Thal which makes him ambivalent towards the melon head. I could easily see him making a superb bodyguard or sentinel for the rulers of the ancient world.

This basic difference also goes a long ways towards explaining how the 'Thals would always be more creative, innovative, intellectually expansive, more experimental, more curious and have the widest perspective to enable them to solve problems.

It's simple.

The 'Thal was never hobbled properly. The Corpus Callosum is intact. It is not for lack of the will there. It is just something overlooked in the last 38,000 years of captivity and enslavement for 'Thals. It just didn't happen. We may never know exactly why that is.


Luke said...
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FrankNorman said...

Tex, you seem to including at least two very different phenotypes under the label of "Melonheads". The European/South American type, with the high domed or pointed heads, and the Egyptian type, with the projecting chin and long but low skull.

The latter type doesn't look as if there'd be much going on upstairs, basically because there isn't all that much "upstairs" there, if you take my meaning. The extra brain-mass seems to have been in the back, not in the frontal lobes.

If you want to see who was literally "the brains" of the show, don't look at the Pharoah's head, look at someone like Imhotep's.

Texas Arcane said...


I reckon there are many flavors of melonhead which don't retain much intellectual capacity as much as they still have an instinct to "rule."

A lot of the people who show up at Davos are not all that bright. They don't have any solutions to the world's problems. They are not smart enough to solve problems. What they have is a pressing unconscious drive to be the ruling class, to give the orders and to administrate others as servants. They like to meet and talk about what "they" are going to do for all the peasants out there. In terms of real intellectual gifts they are pretty sparse.

Unfailingly smarter than average and unfailingly quite mediocre intellectually otherwise.