Friday, June 20, 2014

Maligning Neanderthal Faces

A Vault-Co reader posted this and I found it an interesting way to study distortion in science.

There's some real sleight-of-hand going on in this article, listen and I will tell you why I think this is not science at all here.

They lead with the first picture. This is the power of suggestion. It is a classic notion of the Neanderthal skull. Maybe Neanderthals really did have brows like this.

Or maybe anybody who routinely lives to be more than 150 years old experiences similar exaggeration of features, becomes "hoary" and ancient from continuing bone growth in the skull.

I won't argue over the first one, you can think whatever you want.

It is the second one I want to point out to you.

This is a fully gracilized skull. Chances are there is someone you know with a face like this. It could be any modern person although it has some asian qualities.

Do you know what they have done to try to lead you into believing it is similar to the one above it?

They rotated it in the picture to set the brow back. It is an optical illusion. That skull is nothing like the one above it at all. It is a fully modern human skull and yet they are saying it is 430,000 years old.

Look the two photos and the order they chose to present them in, you decide for yourself.

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Lazer said...

Neither of the skulls is situated properly on the frankfort plane. Thats human bone and anatomy 101.