Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Incredible Subterranean Island City Of Kish

Do you really believe this was built 2500 years ago?

No? Okay, I'll step backwards with a few suggestions and you tell me when to stop … which date would stretch your credibility too much?

Remember, this is a major work of engineering. This is not a couple of islanders with chisels in the off season working at this like a hobby.

5000 years?

10,000 years?

25,000 years?

250,000 years? When it was originally started, say, then added on over countless thousands of years?

If you found out what they based their estimate of 2500 years on you would realise they are just making it up because they don't know.

Funny that, always these deep refuges like the one on Malta … an island separated from the mainland to protect from slave revolts … deep underground with religious temples and chambers. Oh, that crazy Tex, he sees melonheads everywhere … unless like Tex you know they already found melon skulls on Kish the same as they found on Malta. I do believe that I am one extremely well-read nut.


theepilgrim said...

From the article: "In 1999, the island embarked on a project to build an underground shopping complex. This resulted in the rediscovery of the ancient kariz. Instead of demolishing the kariz to make room for the shopping complex, the developers decided to incorporate the latter into the former. While the historic coral walls that surround the kariz were left on their own, the tunnels were reinforced with modern mortar and stone."

What's interesting is how cheap the new mortar looks, the difference between it and the original structure is jarring; it's like someone applied tranny make-up to the Mona Lisa.

This is the first thing I always notice when studying ancient structures: they were built to last. Whatever else their functionality may have been, the primary goal was that these structures would last--not for decades, not for centuries, but for millennia. The question that never seems to be asked is: why? Why would anyone invest so much into making absolutely certain that a structure will last for thousands of years? Compare that to modern day, where everything is disposable and landfills are pilling up with garbage that just came off the assembly-line last week. Clearly, we're looking at two completely different groups of people, with very little in common apart from bipedal locomotion.

I also like the wording in the article: "Instead of demolishing the kariz"...what? You mean sapiens actually resisted his initial impulse to immediately destroy something built by someone else? Impressive.

Actually, the more likely scenario is that they tried, but couldn't destroy it--not without investing more time and resources than their little shopping complex was even worth. And the idea that they are "reinforcing" this structure is laughable. Mark my words: next major earthquake to hit that island and that new mortar will crumble like it was made from paper mache, while the original structure underneath will be as strong and reliable as it ever was.

My bet is the only reason they added the new stone and mortar was to give themselves some sense of accomplishment in the face of a structure well beyond their capabilities to ever duplicate. This seems to be an age-old trend amongst sapiens: anything of someone else's they can't destroy, they "improvementate" in a vain and pathetic attempt to make themselves feel superior (or at least adequate).

scipio afircanus said...


why do you think the Neanderthalls are the nephelim, as opposed to the mellonheads and star children?

Perhaps different ranks of anglic beings mating with human women make different skull shapes?

scipio afircanus said...


IMO the mellon heads and star children are a product of mating between human females and angelic beings. the different shaped heads could come from one "rank" of angel vs another

John Dee said...

Hey Tex, you got a mention on one of the most recent Matt Forney podcasts(a little after the 24 minute mark talking about your Radio Shack article):

I don't agree with everything that Forney writes, but he and Aurini have a point on the utterly helpless mindset that many in my (millennial) generation have developed with regard to understanding technology.

Even the ones who maintain a cursory interest seem to be only putting up an ego-propping front, with no real concern other than maintaining the appearance of intelligence. There are lots of poser geeks who love to talk about trendy technology (self-driving cars, smartphones, drones and all the other "wonderful" components of the oncoming Agenda 21 hellscape), but scoff at the idea of fixing their own car/computer/appliances.
In their minds, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong in a world where we surrender all understanding/responsibility/control to "the experts" and go back to stuffing our faces in front of a TV screen.

Like you said, the manboon is not a learning animal.

On a more personal note, keep up the good work, Tex. A blog like yours is truly a light in the darkness.

What's more, I'm glad to know that there are more sane people out there than I thought.

Texas Arcane said...

@scipio africanus

The Nephilim are consistently described as a different order of men from both the ruling classes and the slaves. They are remarked as "those cast out by their own kind." Nephilim means feller, a person that can fell a tree with a single blow.

Neanderthals were the strongest hominids that ever lived. They were stronger than Homo Giganticus who towered over them. Their children were so strong that the wear marks on their tools cannot be duplicated by grown men. If there was ever a class of people made to be bodyguards and sentries they were the Neanderthals. They had the right disposition for it, guaranteed not to fraternise and devoted to one male leader they would be deferential to.

As for aliens and star children, I'd say apply Occam's Razor. If there is a far simpler explanation that does not involve inter dimensional gates and flying saucers I would say you should consider that one first.

scipio afircanus said...


In my above post, I was suggesting that the nephelim as mentioned in the book of Genesis were a result of sexual intercourse between human females and fallen angels, and that one type of offspring are mellon heads, another type are star children.

Are you looking at other ancient texts besides the bible to build your case?

I read your blog regularly as much for your dark humor as well as your insight


scipio africanus

Texas Arcane said...


Yes, I was 36 years old before I discovered that the Nephilim exist in more than a dozen mythologies worldwide, always as a decadent and corrupt race of watchers and guardians who protect the ruling class. They are always described as rejected by their own kind.

njartist said...

"Nephilim means feller"
Gen 6:4 The fallen ones were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when sons of God come in unto daughters of men, and they have borne to them--they are the heroes, who, from of old, are the men of name.
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (Genesis 6:4)
The word giant is Strong's H5303 "nephı̂yl nephil"; meaning: properly, a feller, that is, a bully or tyrant: - giant.

scipio afircanus said...


1) do you know if anyone has ever documented the appearance of a full mellonhead skeleton?

2) If so, can they point to differences in their anatomy that could verify some of you ideas about how they may have looked, walked, etc?

3) do you have any solid plans for your book?