Monday, June 2, 2014

I Don't Make These Stories Up

I just link to them. That's all.

UPDATE : Suggestion here that this entire fiasco is a clever psych-op to divert attention away from the exploding scandal at the Veteran's Administration over how much money they have stolen from soldiers returning home disabled from the wars they started. I heard a swimming pool was closed at one VA hospital that was critical to rehab despite the administrators taking home hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses that year. One source has told me if people knew how much money Obama's cronies have sucked out of the system to leave soldiers dying of infection in hot wards without food or nursing there would be rioting in the streets. I have at least one guy who told me by email a lot of the VA hospitals that received the most money had the least staff in attendance and in at least one circumstance were basically empty buildings with soldiers trying to care for each other without doctors or any medical supplies.

I couldn't make up stuff like this. It's too insane. I would not have even thought of something that far out.

A deserter I can understand. So the guy went AWOL. Who could blame the guy, with who-knows-how-many stop loss orders applied to his record? Okay, so he deserted. I wouldn't do it but when somebody does I can understand. The guy cracked. He couldn't take it. That's one thing.

Except this is not desertion. This guy left his unit and walked over to the enemy camp and asked for sanctuary. This is a whole different order of punishable offense. It's treasonous collaboration with the opposing force. We were taught in PSYOPS that these are the least trustworthy sources of information. If they would betray their own then they will absolutely betray you. A turncoat is never to be trusted no matter which side he is on this week.

Wait, that's not the crazy part.

If I had done something like this, I would not expect the U.S. Army to be willing to trade a bag of potato chips for my life. Why should they? I didn't desert, I sold out my own unit and went over to the enemy to share intel with them. Why should they care if I ever came home?

Obama's administration went around Congress and without notifying them as required by the Constitution and the legislation they traded 5 high-ranking Taliban commanders for this guy. Forget about terrorism. It doesn't matter. These guys were part of the worldwide poppy trade that was grown in Afghanistan. They were the world's drug suppliers for opium and therefore heroin. I don't know if they committed acts of terrorism or not but I know they were supplying the planet with an endless basket of heroin distributed at street level and running a colossal arms trade off the back of the profits. Based on that alone, I would not have released them. Maybe transferred them from Guantanamo but let them walk free over a single traitor who cost other people's lives just looking for the guy?

This is absolutely, positively impeachable. Period. A President who did this needs to be impeached. Benghazi had no plausible deniability other than Obama and his cabinet are incredibly stupid. That's not the same as this. This is treason to recover a traitor. It doesn't make any kind of walking-around sense. It's insane and it deserves impeachment proceedings.

I got to tell you, this reeks of a setup for a false flag they are going to turn around and blame on these guys they set free. It reeks of a setup. Something is really, really fishy about all this. This story is even crazier than amazing superhuman X-Man Jeff "Ultimate Bad-Ass" Bauman and his Boston Bomb wonder stumps healing in 19 days to win a breakdancing contest.

During the heyday of the Soviet Union, Russians would sit around and howl with laughter at the drivel they printed in Pravda. People know Pravda was a propaganda rag. It printed stories about how infantrymen caught bullets in their teeth while they recited Lenin in the Siege of Leningrad and how a Russian mother had fed 6 children by singing folk songs to birds to lure them into a basket trap. It was insane gibberish. But the Russians knew that. The people of the West don't know it. They think these stories can be taken seriously.


Some dude said...

It's worse than that, six of the men from his own unit died looking for him. One of those guys was an officer with a a little boy and a girl on the way. That guy thought the man he was looking for was a POS traitor.

All the guys from his unit were told they'd be arrested if they breathed a word of how their fellow soldier was a traitor, and many of them are said to have been forced to song non disclosure agreements so they can't talk about it even after the army.

deadman said...

Come now Tex.

Terrorists are so 2012.

Don't you know the 'new' bad guys are those nationalist Ruskies...

(mutters something about EastAsia & EurAsia something or other...)

- deadman

Mark Mitchell said...

>they were supplying the planet with an endless basket of heroin distributed at street level and running a colossal arms trade off the back of the profits

The opium production figures since the mid 90s suggest that the invasion of Afghanistan was done to ensure the continued supply of opium to the world markets - the Taliban only allowed its growth until they had unseated Najibullah.

The involvement of the CIA (which last time I checked was staffed by fallible mortals) in the drugs trade through Air America, the near impunity of the Medellin Cartel and subsequent favoritism towards one of the Mexican cartels, the funding and supply of the Mujahedeen in the 80s, is quite clear.

If you're going to continue trade after you pull your troops out, you need to have suppliers who are happy to deal with you.

His Majesty said...

Deadman is dead on.

Anything to distract the yahoos.

Meanwhile, isn't waging war on the rest of the world against international law?

His Majesty said...

Deadman is dead on.

Anything to distract the yahoos.

Meanwhile, isn't waging war on the rest of the world against international law?

Chris from Sydney said...

I could understand if they traded to get the traitor back so he could face a courts martial and have his execution screened live on the televitz.

If they really needed a distraction from the V.A scandal then surely they could have staged the rescue of a Vietnam MIA from some secret jungle prison camp ? That at least would be entertaining and the movie rights would be worth a mint.

Grognard said...
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Texas Arcane said...


Is it possible the VA scandal was so bad that even a false flag to make Obama look like a complete idiot was preferable to people finding out he is a complete monster? Leaving soldiers to rot and be eaten by maggots in hospitals and spraying his buddies with money at the same time?