Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hastings Wrote About Bergdahl, Then He Was Killed

One year ago, Michael Hastings took an unusual interest in investigating Bergdahl as the last American P.O.W. in Afghanistan.

Immediately after the article was published, he freaked out of his mind saying the U.S. government was going to kill him because of what he had accidentally stumbled across when investigating Bergdahl's captivity. Hastings said they were going to make it look like an accident.

Immediately after which (4 hours) he died in an "accident."

This Bergdahl thing is many wheels within many other wheels turning inside a big wheel.


Tom said...

Any theories about Bergdahl?

Thal Genius said...

I'm guessing they made this accident happen as a revenge for McChrystal. Perhaps they decided to give him a chance then, but after they saw he's not going to stop his very inconvenient reporting, they concluded that it's time for him to go. Methods worthy of Stalinist Soviet Union.

Texas Arcane said...


I'll take a wild guess.

Bergdahl was a double agent turncoat who pretended to defect to the Taliban but in fact was sent over there to assist in ambushing U.S. soldiers so they could justify a continuing presence there? Until the Taliban figured it out and decided to make him into a hostage for ransom?