Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Google, Facebook, Twitter All Government Funded Fronts

If you were like me and tried to tell people this about 5 years ago and then tried to explain to them why you believed this, they'd sneer at you and look at you like you needed a psychiatrist. " (Link fixed) Just listen for ten seconds," I'd say, "Just ten seconds. Have you seen their board rosters? Just try reading the names of the people on the board who were founders. It is like a Bilderberger guest list. It is nothing but CIA-CFR-NSA megaspooks. Why would an internet search company want Goldfinger, Dr. Evil and Hannibal Lector on their board of directors? It's obvious, because the company was bought out and is now a primary means of monitoring whole populations."

Now Google admits it and shrugs, so what? Yeah, the original company was bought by spooks and turned into an intelligence hub. So what? You got something to hide?

Let's just thank god they are not like those damn Nazis sterilising women involuntarily. That would be too much if that was happening, right? That would be the line in the sand. I got bad news for you. The line in the sand was about 2000 miles back. Point-of-no-return no-through-road sign was passed like 20 years ago. The good guys fought hard and they lost. The bad guys won. This is not a Hollyweird movie where there is a rally and a sudden change of fortune. If this was a Michael Bay movie, the metal guitar strains would be playing now as the hero rides in on his Harley to save the day. That's not going to happen. The heroes are all gone and the bad guys are finishing the country off. You slept right through the film and the credits are coming up now superimposed over shots of your children working on the global slave plantation for the next one thousand years as crack-addicted gang-bang porn stars paid .10 cents an hour on a good gig. Mind you, that is the feel-good bubblegum upbeat hit of the summer rose-colored glasses ending. The real ending is actually much, much worse.

Edward Snowden has told people they track and record their locations on cell phones all day long and people are like ... whatever. Do you have any idea how easily you can be stitched up on fake charges by almost anybody in the loop? What say a cop somewhere in there takes a fancy to your wife? Or your daughter? With laws against even revealing you were arrested, how many years do you expect to spend in prison before somebody figures out you were never working with terrorists? A couple phone calls, some arbitrary leads from fake witnesses and you're gone. Forever. Your loved ones commit a felony if they tell people you have gone missing. Your wife better roll over for her new husband or she can go right into rendition with you. Do you really know how these things work in real life? They are so bad and so abused they have the capacity to create hell on earth. As they said of the Nazis, it wasn't Adolf Hitler you lived in terror of. It was the local file clerk who could make you disappear with a rubber stamp and one signature. He fancied your wife. Or your daughter. Or maybe even your son.

They remind me of that character in 1984 who is picked up by the secret police and is actually being tortured alongside Winston Smith but is still claiming the only people who have anything to fear are people with something to hide. All the guy did was blurt out something in his sleep subconsciously and was reported by his own son.


Chris James said...

For safety reasons, you see. Move along, citizen.

Mex Arcane said...

Your link text at the top points to the same "Byzantine Slavery and the Mediterranean World" book as your previous post.

Sometimes I can't figure out how you're still walking around breathing, Tex. I really can't.

Russell said...

"All the guy did was blurt out something in his sleep subconsciously and was reported by his own son."

And he was proud of his son!

The total inversion of reality is demanded by the prince of this world, and his servants obey, willingly, gladly.

His Majesty said...

Uncle Ad's name is spelled with an "f", not a "ph", and when will you realize that he was our (us, the good guys) last and best shot?

Lazer said...

Some dude said...

It was his wife, and she was obviously lying because she wanted to get rid of him.

Much like women do to their husbands nowadays hone they falsely accuse them of DV or child molestation to improve their divorce cases.


That's a google overhead map of Coronado amphibious naval base. It was built in 1968, my point is, you've been run by the Nazis for a lot longer than you think.