Monday, June 16, 2014

Globalism Engineered To Bankrupt Local Businesses

The reality is that businesses cannot compete with foreign producers if they are forced to wear handicaps and suffer regulations that do not apply to foreign food imports.

The biggest problem is that local producers are accountable, among other things, to actually sell the product the label claims it to be.

If a person can sell cheap corn syrup as honey and has margins that are 600% greater than somebody who is required to sell real honey, the real honey producer will go out of business. The foreign unregulated manufacturer can flood the shelves with cheap "honey" and drive them out of the market altogether by pretending to sell honey.

Again, declining civilisations seem to exalt the worst and treat the best as criminal pests who have to be rooted out and destroyed. You can shake your head all you want except you cannot argue with the facts. Governments that support globalist economics are waging a grudge match against competency, quality, safety, pricing, production and security.

For the past twenty years I have heard Australians mindlessly extolling the benefits of "globalism" and the inevitability and desirability of replacing our "old thing" with this "new thing." (Most can never articulate why) Most government policy is designed to promote it. During this time I have seen the price of food skyrocket across the board. There are no economies of scale at work here and the results prove it. It is about destruction, period. There is no "creative" element at all. Free markets are about creative destruction and without the creative part, they are not free markets. Destruction of markets and replacement with central control of production isn't a free market, it is marxism.

I look around and wherever I see a Yank monopoly has replaced a locally owned supermarket, you walk into that Yank cartel and you will see food that is more expensive, more unsafe in its origins and less palatable. This is like a feedback cycle that makes things worse on a weekly basis. The worst thing that can happen is to have a locally owned chain like Action, Bi-Lo or Franklins (remember them?) replaced by a Coles, Safeway or Woolworths and owned by an unaccountable foreign company that does not answer to the people who live here.

Notice how with marxists, things always mysteriously get worse and they claim they are getting better? With free markets systems, things mysteriously get better all the time. Stuff becomes cheaper, not more expensive. Quality and choice expand instead of contracting.

I think we are right in the middle of one of the largest scams by international organised crime syndicates in world history. These highwaymen have the gall to package mercury-laced corn syrup (practically an industrial waste product) as it's polar opposite in biology, beehive sourced real honey.

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