Friday, June 6, 2014

Fantastic Essay On Civil Defense

Lifeboats and Civil Defense

I read Glasstone decades ago and have not seen or heard of him since until a Vault-Co reader found a link to a site with reprints of his best work.

He was a brilliant man. He helped form a lot of my ideas about nuclear war and the need for civilian defense as opposed to "military defense" absent of concern for the civilians whom the military exists to protect.

Resistance to civil defence makes as much sense as resistance to putting lifeboats on a cruise ship. This is no false analogy. Nobody misses lifeboats until they desperately need them. Until then they are just a ridiculous luxury for the paranoid. Until the ship hits an iceberg. The only part of this analogy you have to amend is to remember that human ships never ever stop hitting icebergs and sinking. The human race will never see an end to war and the only way they can prevent them is to maintain a strong defence at all times for both their military and their civilian population. Having a strong retaliation capacity and a plan for your civilians is the greatest deterrence of them all.

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