Friday, June 6, 2014

Enrichmentation and Improvamentation Together At Last

The Kwanstain is enrichmentated on so many levels, it is hard to know where to begin.

They are really getting liberated now from stuffy old notions of acceptable behaviour those dowdy dotards who formerly lived there were always promoting. Soon they will be liberated from a civilisation. Then the real improvamentation can begin.

Enrichmentation proves that enrichmentation works. Smashed the windows of his truck and left him a note. Like North Korea but with better street wiring. Oh, Officer, I shot your mom the other day because she smelled like dope. Turned out it was just potpourri but you can never be too sure.

Get used to your private property being seized and destroyed because once you get acclimated, next they will be coming for the most precious thing you own. Peds have a never ending need for new faces and they know how to keep the supply chain running smoothly.


theepilgrim said...

RE: stealing groceries from a dead mother.

Houston has a problem, in the form of racial demographics. Simply put, the border between Texas and Mexico may as well not even exist at this point (makes me wonder why people even care if there's a fence or not). Only 1/4 of the population of Houston is white (or "non-Hispanic white" as we are now classified). When your population is nearly 3/4 black and/or hispanic, you may as well just pack your bags and tell the last white person out to shut off the lights before he leaves. Maybe put up a sign before you go: "Civilization doesn't live here anymore", just as a warning to any passers-by.

Of course, the race of the vultures and hyenas is conspicuously missing from the article, but we can all take an educated guess. Just be warned, having the gall to take that educated guess makes you a racist and you should probably be fired from your job because of it.

Now the scary part: As bad as Houston is, it barely ranks in the Top 100 most dangerous/worst cities in America. Interesting note: in every city on that list, whites are either a minority or less than half of the population. If I were some tin-foil hat nutter or Neo-Nazi, I might think someone somewhere was intent on destroying white civilization.

Good thing I'm not one of those crazy bastards, am I right? Hey, you see that game last night?

Ave said...

And now for something completely different :