Friday, June 20, 2014

Dinosaurs Were Not Dinosaurs

They were colossal warm-blooded flightless birds with hollow bones and brilliant rainbow plumage.

Do you remember Tex ranting about the dinosaurs having air-filled bones ... you know ... exactly like birds.

Read down about halfway into the article.

This is how dinosaurs got that big without their own weight crushing them inside their own bodies.

They were gigantic avians with bones that were mostly hollow exactly as seen in birds.

We shouldn't ask how dinosaurs acquired the power of flight.

Both creationists and neodarwinists are  looking at the problem from the wrong end of the telescope. Flip that thing around.

Dinosaurs were designed to fly from the beginning. Their whole frame was engineered to fly someday despite them often spending millions of years on the ground as foraging birds.

The real supreme being is smarter and more wonderful than any preacher or minister is probably capable of imagining. Any attempt by them to qualify God as something they can comprehend is doomed to end in failure because God is something we can never really understand. Let's be thankful he has made it so obvious he likes us. To go a step further and say he must love us is not really that big a leap at all.