Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dark Pools : Ultimate Financial Fraud In Stock Market

As explained here, they are steering investors to buy their own stocks and simultaneously pretending to be investment advisors who are recommending those stocks and investing in them for their clients.

Hog wild criminal speculation. Absolute financial chaos. The rule of law has given way to rule of bankers.

No accountability, no oversight and no limits. Literally stealing it right out of people's hands. It is like institutionalized nationwide Madoff. A ponzi scheme that reinvested the bailout money the government gave them back into the ponzi scheme and used the profits to spend themselves into another collapse.

"Bailout" is a communist idea. Free nations don't bail out banks. They let them collapse. It is part of the healthy natural cycle of a free market. Crooks and criminals go bust sooner or later unless the government pays off their losses and pays them to keep on thieving. Free societies send these sorts of people to prison for embezzlement and fraud.

Getting rid of Glass-Steagall threw the barn doors open and the rout has turned into a stampede.

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