Sunday, June 15, 2014

1965 World's Fair - The Underground Home

I really like the way this guy Swayze thought about the world.

His ideas about shelter spaces and livability were not just way ahead of his time, they were way ahead of the human race. Lots of people are wondering what happened to the World's Fair "Showroom" model.

This is the same guy who built the underground homes for Jerry Henderson in Los Vegas and Colorado.

I have not started on my next shelter yet but when I do I am going to be incorporating major ideas from this guy in my design. The in-ground heated swimming pool and golf course is a winner.

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deadman said...

'Ze Germans' are rising again :

Dutch Paratroopers Officially Join German Army

' The Dutch 11th airmobile brigade officially joined the German Army in a ceremony attended by Dutch and German defense ministers, June 12. This is an “historic moment,” said Dutch Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, adding that it lifted “German-Dutch cooperation … to a new level.” '

So... we're upto the 4th Reich now...?...

- deadman