Friday, May 9, 2014

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Professor Ignatiev Is Paid With Tax Money From The Middle Class He Is Advocating Genocide Against

You got to give it to this guy, he is direct unlike so many others. Basically violating the U.N. Charter on Human Rights and doing it on tenure. The idea this could be a paid position for this guy is so crazy I could not have made something like it up.

Don't Expect The Police To Arrest Ignatiev For Hate Crimes Any Time Soon.

They don't work for the people who pay their salaries anymore either.

I particularly enjoyed this story about the spontaneous riot squad rushing a wedding party and beating everybody attending to a pulp. Serves'em right for having a wedding. Ignatiev would approve heartily.

Female protester gets seven years for elbowing a cop grabbing her breast. This is the same infamous cop who was macing seated people at one of the protests. The problem in the 'Stain is that they can't build the gulags up north unless they annex Canada. 'Stainians sell widow's house out from underneath her for unpaid tax of $6.30 owing. Wait, who are the bad guys again? I keep forgetting. How many terrorists have stolen homes from widows over six dollars and thirty cents? I am guessing zero.

I wish I were making all these stories up. Unfortunately I have simply been linking to them the past ten years. Ten years ago, I was the only person crazy enough to see all of it coming. It is like a bad LSD trip by Kurt Saxon and the Unibomber.

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cbenediccengi said...

'And progressives think that the public sector is the answer.'

Quote made my day. Leftists are closet psycho's. Always looking for daddy to punish those that hurt The Feels.