Thursday, May 8, 2014

World War III : Kwanstainia Scheduled To Be Reduced To Rubble

World War Three Has Already Begun : Part One
World War Three Has Already Begun : Part Two
World War Three Has Already Begun : Part Three

China Regards The 'Stain (Correctly) As An Enemy

Depopulation & Agenda 21

China To Treat West Like Disneyland Nostalgia Park

It's great to see endangered species wandering around in reproductions of their former habitats. The Chinese can take photos to show their children. "Europeans once roamed the whole planet. They are now carefully maintained at breeding populations in small concentrated reservations so future generations can appreciate them. Look how cute they are in their traditional dress costumes. They have problems with alcoholism and domestic violence now that are a part of the anguish of their lives. We should allow them to run casinos so they have a regular source of income."

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Chris from Sydney said...

The Chinese are also in Paris. Makes me wonder how long before I see Chinese police patrolling the suburbs of Australia ?

samhuih said...

From the linked article,"...Dr. Jim Garrow announced on my show that a devaluation is near as the dollar will soon be valued on a 6 to 1 ratio in favor of the Chinese renmimbi. Let’s talk about the ramifications of this event. If you own a mortgage on your home for $150,000, you now owe the Chinese interests controlling your bank, who holds your mortgage note, $900,000 dollars..."
This is stupid. Loans don't work this way. The guy at says a lot of stupid things. Maybe he has some facts correct but he says so many stupid tings it's hard to believe anything he says.

KW Jackson said...

The move to the SDR is gaining momentum. I doubt that any move to Chinese currency as a global reserve will happen in this climate.